We were born into the physical realm to create heaven on earth!  To do this we must fill ourselves with love and radiate that love all around us. Easier said than done, right?

Agreed.  There are things that can help though, like doing activities that help us feel love and joy.  We spend time with people that make us feel good.  We help people.  We go into the world looking for beauty, looking for miracles.

When you wake up in the morning, put your hand over your heart and tell yourself, solemnly, “I’m going to teach you to feel abundant today.”  Tell yourself, “I am filled with love and joy.  I am peaceful.  I am surrounded by people who love me.  I love helping others feel good…” And so on.  As you do this, you’re changing your energy, creating new neural pathways in your brain, changing your mind and your future. If you’re coping with something challenging in your life, tell yourself, “I am filling this situation with love and it is becoming easy.”

To grow, you have to eat, you have to take in love.  To do that, you have to be open to it.  You may have to completely change your thinking patterns.  When you think, you’re commanding your body to a destiny, so let’s choose what destiny we want to command.  Your emotions are not who you are, although it feels like they are.  You can begin to change what you’re thinking and feeling and thereby change who you are. Doing this, you’ll broadcast a whole new electromagnetic signature.  Choose what you want to command and then give thanks for it before the event is made manifest.  Feel the joy as if it has already happened.  Imagine how great it would feel and sit in that joy to help bring it to fruition.

You may have to start by learning to change negative thoughts to positive thoughts. When you can do that, then it becomes easier to command what you desire and find the joy in it as if it has already happened.

Whenever you make your brain work differently, you are changing your mind, literally. Whatever we experience during our day, during our life, is neutral.  They’re not good or bad until we decide that they are.  It is our judgment that determines the positive or negative nature of an event. Given this fact, it is important to look for the neutral or positive aspects of every event.  Sometimes this is very difficult if the event feels challenging to us.  It may be true that the only way to see this aspect of an event, is to meditate deeply enough that we experience feeling closer to the spirit world.  In this state of mind, we may be able to see the Big Picture, enabling us to understand that the event is not inherently negative.  I am sending you the blessing of love, peace, and joy, and the ability to see the Big Picture. 

I invite you to share your stories of manifestation and seeing the Big Picture.

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