Month: October 2016

10/16/17 Soul plan news

By erica

So I recently had a visit to my massage therapist.  She is a wonderful woman with quite the touch along with psychic assistance.  So when I arrived and she said, “Shawheen was here to visit me last night when I was picking your sheets.  He had a message for you.”  I wasn’t surprised.  It came…

Discerning spirit messages

By erica

Have you ever thought about how you can tell the difference between your own thoughts, wishful thinking, and messages you are recieving from someone else, perhaps a spiritual message? Today someone told me something I felt sure wasn’t real, something they believed God had said to them. So how do I know it’s real if I…

Spiritual gifts, coins, disappearing

By erica

First Blog Post 10/7/16 I have been writing an essay about a very spiritual experience I have been having since the death of my beloved son just over a year ago.  His name is Shawheen and he died, when he had just turned 30, to drug overdose, a shockingly painful event.  While I work on…