Month: March 2017

3/8/17 Reappearing iPod

By erica

I have an iPod. I know. That’s a little old fashioned these days. But I like to be able to listen to music or a guided meditation without being connected to the internet. I keep my iPod under my pillow so if I am having trouble sleeping even after grieving, I can listen. I don’t…

3/3/17 Dancing Heart

By erica

On Valentine’s day my husband got me a heart balloon which says “I love you” in Spanish. At dinner yesterday I noticed it floating in the living room near the dining table while I was having dinner. I didn’t know how it got there as I had seen it near the bathroom earlier. I remember…

3/1/17 Two hearts

By erica

Two hearts… that beat as one… Just kidding! So can you see from the foto that now the first heart is back? And in the shade of the right leg, now there is a second heart? The hole has always been there but it began to look like a second heart when the other heart…