Month: April 2017

Afterlife/Spirit Communication, & Help 4/29/17

By erica

How many of you have experienced the death of a loved one? Most of you? How many of you have wondered where they went after they died? Ashes to ashes and dust to dust? Or is there something more? Some believe in heaven, some a spiritual afterlife and some are still figuring it out. To…

4/19/17 RE: 8/26/15 The First Sign

By erica

My Son, Shawheen, died on 8/26/15, just 3 days after his 30th birthday. What a shock! There is no way to describe such pain, such grief… The police were called as he had locked his door and they wouldn’t let me see him. It was two days later when I viewed his body with his…

4/18/17 Salve prank

By erica

About two weeks ago I offered my husband some comfrey salve, which I make at home. He does hard work and sometimes gets cuts while working. This salve has amazing healing properties. Later I was looking for the salve and couldn’t find it. A friend was around when I offered it to him and reminded…

4/15/17 legging prank

By erica

We took some time off during Spring vacation to spend with our kids. My daughter helped me plan a trip to the beach. We were packing to get ready and I couldn’t find my favorite leggings. I had two pairs of hemp leggings with attached skirts made by a local artist in Eugene, Oregon called…

4/3/17 Old Coins

By erica

This week has been much easier as I have been working to manifest joy. I have been reading “The Miracle Morning” and although I have found it a review, it has been a good review and has helped me be more dilligent with my positive visualizations. Last week was more difficult. Perhaps it was the…