Month: May 2017

Afterlife/spirit pranks!

By erica

Young spirits like to play pranks and laugh at us in the process! On May 24th 2017, our sugar dispenser reappeared! It had been missing for a couple weeks.  Strange, as it was always used at the kitchen table or in the kitchen.  Each person in the house looked for it.  We checked the table,…

Channeling afterlife

By erica

Need help channeling a lost loved one?  Someone you love died and in grief you would like to communicate with them? Meditate, relax, open your mind and your heart.  State your intention in your mind and thoughts.  “I am opening myself to communicate with spirit guides/loved one’s name.”  “I am discerning clearly their communication”.  Setting…

Afterlife gifts, help grief 5/15/17

By erica

Do you ever wonder how people get through the death of a child?  Do you ever wonder what gifts spirits can give? I had a hard week this week with several days of intense grief.  While suffering in the evening, I would reach out in my mind to my son, who died about a year-and-a-half…