Month: June 2017

Grief work, child death, grief processing

By erica

Grief doesn’t wait for an invitation…  Grief doesn’t ask when you have time or when it might be convenient to experience the sadness or the anger of grief.  It comes up even when you aren’t thinking about your loved one who has passed on.  It demands your attention!  It insists.  If you try to ignore…

Afterlife/spirit help ascension

By erica

Spirit messages and pranks with a purpose…  Guardian spirits trying to help us slow down, be in the moment, ascend, and evolve!! I shared the other day about my funny experiences with my car music and how my son or other spirit guides were messing up the stereo.  I explained how the sound dial would…

Spirit communication/After death or Beyond the veil jokes?

By erica

Spirits scrambling the sound waves?  My radio just going bonkers on me?  Digital interference?  What is coincidence?  Serendipity?  What are the odds when it comes to chance or something beyond chance?  You can read the experience I had and make your own decisions. For the background information: I drive a Honda Odyssey Mini Van 2002.…

After life/Spirit Gifts

By erica

Even in death, they share love! Loved ones who have passed over sometimes give us gifts to let us know they are still around and love us!  They want us to know they’re all about love! At the end of last year I traveled out of the country.  On the way back in I was…