Month: August 2017

Bipolar disorder/ Manic Depression treatment/Dark therapy

By erica

This blog is not meant to substitute for treatment.  If you believe you have Bipolar Disorder, please seek help immediately.  Without effective treatment, this illness is progressive and gets worse over time. People who have Bipolar Disorder generally experience episodes of depression as well as episodes of mania or hypomania.  They do not have to…

Grief process/grief symptoms

By erica

Grief has a clear beginning but no clear end.  It is a journey full of curves and changes.  As we age and we change, we may look at grief differently and we may grieve differently, yet the journey of grief may continue…  With our greater age and maturity, we may have new perspective from which…


By erica

To discern spiritual messages is about recognizing them, not second guessing them, not calling them something else.  It is about knowing and believing.  It is having faith in something and in yourself as you recognize your connection to it. Grief has been harder lately.  For me summer used to be the best time of year,…