Month: September 2017

Spiritual ascension, life’s purpose, soul plan

By erica

I participate in a group that meets once a month.  This last meeting some members were saying that nothing in the physical realm really matters from a spiritual perspective.  That didn’t feel right to me. I thought about it and realized that ever since my son, Shawheen died and started talking to me, he’s been…

Miracles from beyond the veil/Immortality

By erica

  I’ve had a repeat performance from my silly son, a repeat of the disappearing iPod.  He’s been dead for two years now and thankfully, he doesn’t leave me alone.  If you read the last post on this topic, you’ll remember that the iPod is only used under my pillow for meditation and from there…

Natural sinus relief, pain relief, natural remedies

By erica

Anyone out there in computer land experiencing grief for our forests?  How about for your head, throat, or sinuses?  I don’t know what the air quality is like in New York or Texas or even the eastern part of Oregon.  I hear Portland is clear and beautiful.  As was the beach when I was there…