Month: October 2017

Spiritual metaphors

By erica

God as an apple: Imagine that God began as an apple, metaphorically speaking.  When God decided to experience paradox, God put parts of itself in the physical realm.  This process of putting parts of God in the physical realm is like using an apple slicer, where you get a core, and you get a bunch…

Spirit help.  Prayers that work.  Ask and ye shall receive!

By erica

Over the last 3 years, I have been working with a person who struggles with mood instability, psychotic symptoms, and addiction, among other things.   In the last six weeks or so, this person has lost their shelter twice.  It happens because of their own behaviors, but these are behaviors born from the illness.  This recent…


By erica

Have you ever thought about how you can tell the difference between your own thoughts, wishful thinking, and messages you are recieving from someone else, perhaps a spiritual message? Today someone told me something I felt sure wasn’t real, something they believed God had said to them. So how do I know it’s real if I…

Human crisis; Future vision 2

By erica

  My family and I went to Portland to see the outstanding Cirque du Soleil.  It was an amazing show! We were on our way back from Portland, driving in the fast lane, when suddenly all of the traffic STOPPED!  I braked fast, swerving almost into the next lane, and then off onto the east…

Human crisis, future vision

By erica

  I work with people in crisis.  I try to help people with severe moods, psychotic symptoms which include delusions and paranoia, and severe anxiety.  Usually I can help people who are willing to work.  Sometimes I work with people who work hard, yet need more help than I can give.  This is a rare…

Ascention, mental health stigma, emotional stigma

By erica

I imagine a beautiful future!!             It is a future in which mental health diagnosis is a thing of history.  In this future, we have already learned that folks who used to get diagnosed as mentally ill were actually very compassionate.  They were a very empathetic, sensitive people.  Some were sensitive to other’s and their…