Month: December 2017

Crying, a sign of safety?

By erica

Vulnerable feelings:  When can we lift the taboo? What does our culture say about the acceptability of tears in public?  What about anger as in aggressive voice tone, loudness, or yelling?  It is my impression that anger is more acceptable than sadness. Have you ever seen someone crying, then immediately commit a violent act?  I…

Natural, Nutritional Mood Management

By erica

Natural, nutritional mood management for people with depression, bipolar disorders, and anxiety disorders. Having worked as a Psychotherapist for about two decades, I have been surprised by how many people I talk to suffer with depression or Bipolar Disorder as well as eating regular meals.  When you talk to people, read memoirs, and read the…

Understanding space time continuum from a spiritual perspective

By erica

Winter brings all kinds of unexpected surprises, some wonderful, some challenging, many are likely both! This winter brings upcoming death and a message from the spirit world together, to help me understand the space time continuum from the spiritual perspective. My father is an old man, 90 years old this last summer, and he has…