Month: January 2018

Spirit gifts, miraculous appearances

By erica

I took some time off during the winter break, to spend with my children, relax, and get away to nature.  I have some vitamins I take regularly because they help me sleep, and I realized I was running low on them and should order more, but I was busy preparing the big meal for Christmas,…

Spirit pranks, missing items, things reappearing

By erica

Yesterday, I brought my computer home in my briefcase just like any other day. This morning it was gone.  I looked everywhere for it and decided perhaps I had left it at work, although I didn’t really think so.  I remember going to the bathroom before I left for work to brush my hair and…

Talking to ghosts

By erica

How many of you, out there, fear ghosts?  How many have negative thoughts or feelings when the word: ghost, pops up?  I wonder what the difference is between a ghost, and an angel?  Isn’t a ghost just a spirit, which is tied to the physical plane for some reason?  Aren’t they tied here, to the…