Month: February 2018

Pennies from heaven and spirit guidance

By erica

Do you ever wonder if your spirit guides or guardian angels are there for you when life gets hard?  I used to wonder about that but ever since my son died two and a half years ago, I have known that it is true.  I know they’re there, that he is there, supporting me and…

Spirit messages, computer madness

By erica

If you read my last blog, you read about the disappearance of my computer and how it reappeared later in my bed, where I definitely hadn’t put it. It was only days later that my daughter asked if she could use the computer to look up a recipe.  She wanted to make cookies and you…

Spirit pranks, things missing and reappearing

By erica

Yesterday, I brought my computer home in my briefcase just like any other day.  This morning it was gone.  I looked everywhere for it and decided perhaps I had left it at work, although I didn’t really think so.  I remember going to the bathroom before I left for work to brush my hair and…