Month: April 2018

Spirit tricks

By erica

Spirits have a funny way of trying to get your attention.  My daughter seems to avoid the idea that her brother, though gone from the physical world, is still very much alive and well in another dimension.  He has shown her some very sweet things over the two plus years since he died, but she…

Help the homeless, help the world

By erica

Do you ever wonder how you can help the growing homeless population in your town?  I hear people talk about the problems with the world, with little clarity about what they can do to help. There are times in our lives when finances are tight and we can’t afford to help others.  During those times…

Mood Management, Bipolar Disorder natural treatment, routines

By erica

Please remember that this site is not meant to be a substitute for professional help.  If you have a diagnosis of depression or bipolar disorder, or you think you might, please seek professional help in person! Once you have begun working with a therapist or doctor, this site can be added support. When working to…