Month: August 2018

Homelessness: It’s not their fault!

By erica

  Have you ever been concerned about homelessness?  Have you ever wanted to help those in need, but didn’t know how?  Have you ever been in need and couldn’t find help? Have you ever wanted to donate food or clothes so those who needed them could get them for free?  What are your thoughts, ideas, concerns,…

Research: Dark Therapy for Bipolar Disorder: An Effective Treatment in an Outpatient Setting?

By erica

Running head: AMBER LENSES FOR BIPOLAR DISORDER Dark Therapy: An Effective Treatment in an Outpatient Setting? Erica L Freeman, LCSW Correspondence concerning this paper should be addressed to Erica L Freeman, LCSW Full text article available for $29.00 1400 High St Ste C-1, Eugene, OR 97401. Contact: elfieher@gmail.com Abstract Objectives:  This paper explores dark therapy for…

Pennies {Really Come} From Heaven

By erica

Grief is complicated, challenging to recognize in all it’s unusual manifestations, difficult to express in a culture unwilling to see it, and unpleasant to work through alone. My son died about three years ago and both my parents passed this year, my mother just a month ago.  I find myself tired in the evenings and…

Spiritual Dreams Transform

By erica

  I’d like to say I’m a calm, peaceful person, full of love, and never judgmental.  That’s definitely a state I aspire to, not necessarily one I succeed at maintaining. I come from energetic stock and while that can be a blessing, it can also be a hardship in disguise.  That energy can translate into intensity…