Month: June 2019

Opportunities for Spiritual Growth:

By erica

            My friend said the other day, “I’m so tired of people saying I manifested this cancer!”  It’s a Blame The Victim philosophy, she pointed out, why the heck would she manifest such a harrowing ordeal?             I believe in our ability to manifest the life we choose so naturally I had to look at…

Manifestations and Jumping Timelines

By erica

Guest blogger: Gabriel Denison Chandler We are all familiar with the concept and practice of manifestation: the ability to cast your mind into a reality you prefer, bringing it into your physical world.  But my perception is that although we exercise our ability to manifest, we still think in one dimensional terms.  Our beliefs revolve…

Spiritual Gifts

By erica

            This page is a walk through beautiful gifts from the spirit.             Imagine the sun, setting across the ocean, creating a sparkling path across the water all the way to the edge of the beach, lapping at the shore by your bare feet.             Imagine your favorite animal snuggling against you, licking your hand.…