Month: December 2019

Spirit Gifts: fruit

By erica

            It’s been four years since my son died and although the grief is still there and always will be, the frequency and intensity has diminished somewhat with time. As my grief diminishes, so do the miracles which got me through those deeply grievous years.             A week ago, when I was grieving a lot,…

EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

By erica

                    For the treatment of depression, anxiety, and grief             This is not a substitute for therapy.  Please see a therapist if you need help managing your mood or anxiety or help with grief.             The Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) is amazingly useful in the treatment of depression, anxiety and grief.  It may also be helpful…

Manifesting Love

By erica

Manifesting Love:             What are the things you wish you could change in our world?  Where would you like to apply more love?  Would you like to see our government function from a perspective of loving-kindness, rather than one based on hate and fear?  Would you like to mend our ozone, clean the plastics from…