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Erica lives with her husband, two children and 12 animals in Eugene, Oregon with a small backyard farm.

Covid Trauma

By erica

In mid-March, where I live, Covid-19 became a new word in every household, a word that triggered fear in many.  The government started closing down, sending people to work at home, sending children to home-school.  Concerned about our youth, I wrote a letter to Governor B, warning her about my concerns, warning her that the…

Grief & Miracles

By erica

            I imagine a lot of people are processing grief after first being trapped inside by Covid-19 and then, for those of us on the west coast, being trapped inside by wildfire smoke.  Many people have been displaced from their homes, while some have lost their homes, their towns, and their animals.  Grief plagues all…

Tools for Health during Covid-19

By erica

During this trying time of COVID-19, we are told to stay indoors, stay in place, to stay safe. Many are discovering the dark side of the rules.  As alcohol sales skyrocket +55-240%, many other challenging things are also skyrocketing, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, child abuse, poverty/economic loss, and suicide.  These problems affect greater numbers  of…

Chemical imbalance?

By erica

It is critical to understand that human beings can improve the health of the brain through natural, mental, behavioral, and nutritional remedies.  Throughout this blog, you will find posts regarding numerous effective methods to improve the health of your brain without medication. There is a theory that the concept of a chemical imbalance in the…

Unhoused Reality

By erica

I’m Jane Doe, a 40-something woman of small stature.  I shared my story with Erica and have given her permission to share it with you.  I want you to understand some things about the reality of being unhoused. I gave my housing up in early March, 2020.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree and had been…

Preventing Trauma, Parenting Happy Babies

By erica

            My husband and I prayed to God for a sign, that despite being 40 years old, I would get pregnant. On a beach in Yachats, Oregon, a small miracle occurred. We found a perfect sand dollar, an unusual occurrence, a sign that we would be parents appearing before each pregnancy.             I got pregnant…

Corona Virus Help Information:

By erica

            During these times of pandemic unrest, it is challenging to find trustworthy information about how to increase your immune system to help you fight off any virus and specifically the Corona Virus.  In this article, you will find a review of the basics as well as some holistic remedies to boost your immune system.…

Help for Unhoused

By erica

Information for the unhoused:          Many of us are struggling with the quarantining since the outbreak of the pandemic: Coronavirus.  I imagine those unhoused individuals are struggling more.  If any of you know an unhoused person in the Eugene area or you stop to talk with an unhoused individual, I am forwarding current information from…

Reducing Social Anxiety

By erica

Question: How do I reduce social anxiety and improve my social skills? Excellent question. I would encourage anyone, struggling with social anxiety, to take a two-pronged approach: one to decrease overall anxiety and the other would be to improve social skills. To decrease overall anxiety, I encourage walking outdoors for 45 minutes a day. Research…