Manifesting Love

Manifesting Love:

            What are the things you wish you could change in our world?  Where would you like to apply more love?  Would you like to see our government function from a perspective of loving-kindness, rather than one based on hate and fear?  Would you like to mend our ozone, clean the plastics from our oceans, protect our forests, support hemp farmers, or support solar manufacturing of solar tar, siding, and roof tiles?  Would you like to surround each criminal in loving energy, each mentally ill or physically ill, or unhoused person in loving kindness?  Would you like to help the polar bears by freezing the ice they so badly need, help protect bees, wolves, or any animal or plant which may face extinction?

            Today, while I was meditating, I focused my energy out into the world, projecting love to the world, to the people, to the animals, to the plants, even to our president.  I spent 40 minutes focusing purely on love, on loving the world, all of you, all animals, everything.  I focused on the climate and sent it love.  I encouraged the clouds at the North Pole to cool down, to freeze, to help freeze the ice to help the polar bears along with any other living beings that need ice.  I began to feel euphoric!

 What might happen if we all sat down to meditate together in our separate places?  What if we all focused our energy on loving each other, choosing kindness, loving the clouds, loving the freezing temperatures at the polar ice caps. What if we all meditated, sending love to the environment, sending the environment balanced loving energy.  Could it help the climate? What if we all meditated sending love to Trump to help heal what ails him, to help him feel loved, to help him send love back out to the world?  What might happen then? 

            These ideas are not new.  There are many who have thought of these ideas before.  There are other blogs and books about changing the world through the power of meditating and connecting into the One consciousness.  That’s okay.  It doesn’t need to be original.  If I can reach 25 more people, 100 more people, and if a few of them added this to their meditation or their yoga, then what?  Imagine what we could achieve together.

            What if all the spirits who choose to hang out on the earthly plane were to energetically refocus the business people who manufacture plastic? What if they were to redirect business people who throw their garbage in our oceans?

            There are so many spiritual, energetic possibilities that we could mobilize through meditating on the One, the One Consciousness.  Tune in, send love, and change the world! #Evasion #choosekindness