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Love this, thank you for your time and energy!

Thank you for your work and insight, Erica. You are truly providing a service of information on a topic that was considered taboo.

I’ve been reading your blog and I have two observations to make: you are a damn strong and resilient woman and you are a good storyteller!  I love the detail you provide about the communications from the other side, be it the mug, the graham cracker , or the pennies from heaven. Being on the lookout for the clues is the whole thing, and makes life into such a treasure hunt, right?

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  • I took a few minutes out of my morning and read through your current blogs. Thanks to you and blessings to you Erica. I have believed in “Pennies from Heaven” most of my life, and particularly since my mother died in 1982 at age 60 when I was 26 years old. I, as my mother, believe in spirits, premonitions and guiding souls. All of us walk by or over pennies daily but not everyone stops to pick them up. I have found pennies in the oddest places and generally during a time or period of time that I am having difficulty in my life. The most interesting thing in my experience is that almost always the date on the coin is relevant to a past event or birthday or death of someone dear in my life. More than once, I have picked up a penny with the date of 1982; I look up and say, “thanks mom, I needed that!” Since my son’s death a year ago, I have picked up many pennies in my path and they almost always relate to something in my past. I believe my son, like my mother, guides me and helps me by dropping these “Pennies from Heaven.”

    Thank you again for your thoughts on mental illness and personal struggles and reinforcing my beliefs that we are guided by loved ones we no longer have with us physically.


    • erica says:

      Hello Susan,
      Thank you so much for visiting and reading the blog. More than that, though, thank you for sharing and commenting. I got chills on one side of my body when I read your thoughts and I know that was a reinforcement from my own guides. Thank you for your thoughtful response. Hope I see you again here and I hope you will share this blog along to others who could benefit from these words! Blessings

  • Jeremy Miller says:

    Hi Erica,

    I had previously reached out to you hoping we could have a quick conversation.

    Right now we are experiencing a nationwide drug addiction epidemic that is impacting so many…

    • erica says:

      Hi Jeremy,
      Drug addiction is a major problem in our society and getting people with those problems adequate help continues to be a major challenge. A review of the research suggests that it may take the brain 12-18 months to return to normal after drug addiction, yet insurance companies only cover 28-day programs. My son got 4 months of inpatient treatment and it still wasn’t enough! How did you find my website and which posts did you like?

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