Corona Virus Help Information:

            During these times of pandemic unrest, it is challenging to find trustworthy information about how to increase your immune system to help you fight off any virus and specifically the Corona Virus.  In this article, you will find a review of the basics as well as some holistic remedies to boost your immune system. I hope you have seen the information about drinking plenty of water, tea, or other liquids, preferably hot.  Apparently, if you drink every 15 minutes or so, it will wash down any contaminants in your mouth, which your stomach acids will then destroy.  This information has been confirmed by a doctor from Stanford University as well as a holistic practitioner.  You already know to wash your hands for 20 seconds, antibacterial soap is not helpful for viruses, so use regular soap.  If you wear gloves, you’ll have to wash those too.  It is recommended that you wash surfaces with an antimicrobial, like tea tree oil and water, vinegar and water, or lemon water.  All of these are excellent cleaning fluids.  If you go out and come into contact with others, upon your return, put your clothes in the washing machine and take a shower.

            What about other tools to make your immune system strong? L-lysine is the only true antiviral according to research out of Canada.  They say you can take 1500-3000 mg of L-lysine.  Research has shown that L-lysine will shorten the time it takes to fight herpes simplex-B in your mouth.  I bet it will help us fight off the Corona Virus as they’re both viruses.  Acupuncture, Zinc, and Vitamin C are important for improving the immune system. 

            Don’t forget about Comfrey.  Comfrey is a medicinal herb that grows in the Northwest and perhaps other locations.  There is a plethora of placebo-controlled research on the healing and pain-relieving aspects of comfrey.  There are also warnings.  According to Susan Weed, a famous herbalist, the warnings refer to the original plant with yellow flowers.  This older version of comfrey cleared through the liver.  Doubtfully, it was any worse than allopathic or western medicine, but current medicinal Comfrey has purple flowers and does not clear through the liver.  Because of this, it is safe to take internally, as well as to use topically.  It is known to heal bones, muscles, tendons, bruising, but also bronchitis, coughs, and other signs of flu.  You can make a topical comfrey salve, which I’ll include a recipe for below, which can be rubbed on your or your loved one’s throat to soothe a cough.  A cough syrup can also be made with Comfrey and honey in a strong tea.

Additionally, you can make a natural spray disinfectant. Mine (for 12 oz) is made with:

  1. 50% distilled vinegar
  2. 50% lemon water (made by soaking lemon peels in water for a week
  3. 15 drops tea tree oil
  4. 15 drops lemon oil
  5. 15 drops lavender oil
  6. 15 drops grapefruit oil

            Comfrey Salve:

            1 C chopped fresh Comfrey Leaves

            1 C coconut oil

            2 oz beeswax pastilles

            30 drops of essential oils, some of which would be lavender or rosemary for a preservative

  1. Chop comfrey and simmer with oil for about an hour
  2. Drain through a tea strainer or cheesecloth to remove the herb from oil
  3. Heat oil again with beeswax, stirring until dissolved
  4. Add essential oils
  5. Store in wide mouth, low jars for easy access

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