Erica L Hernandez, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker and author who lives in Eugene, Oregon.

Erica is a licensed psychotherapist, specializing in Bipolar Disorder, Trauma, and Grief. She is available to provide trainings, presentations, and keynotes on Bipolar Disorder, grief, stress, burnout, and domestic violence. She has provided trainings for nearly two decades.

Her purpose is to help others gain insights into their power to help themselves feel better, grow emotionally, and spiritually.

Her new book, Evasion, is now available on and at Tsunami Books. It is the first in the Considerable Destruction Series.

She is available for interviews on radio, television, and newspapers or magazines. She has been a guest speaker on radio KEPW 97.3 FM and been interviewed for graduate research papers. She has presented for the National Association of Social Workers and Center for Community Counseling.

She writes a blog with valuable information regarding managing mood and anxiety issues, learning to cope with grief, finding the silver lining in crisis situations, and more.

What if you could read a work of fiction, have fun, and in the process learn concrete tools to manage grief or stress? Evasion is that book!

Evasion, The Considerable Destruction Series

Eliana, her heart shattered by the death of her eldest son, which contributed to the loss of her marriage, is at peace with her career as a psychotherapist. The Mortiferum Virus sweeps down from the north, killing the vast majority of the population, leaving the remainder of the living as altered and infected. It shocks Eliana, although prepared for disaster, didn’t really think the world would end like this. If that isn’t enough to contend with, in this apocalyptic world, there’s another threat. A former sociopathic client, a pedophile, organizes the deranged gangs into even more dangerous foes. Getting her loved ones together, Eliana and her community must decide to hold down the fort or abandon their bounty to keep their little community safe in this dangerous new world.

The most interesting thing about Erica Hernandez’ Evasion is the strong sense of family that emerges from the destruction spread by the epidemic sweeping the country. Although the book is fast paced and never boring, characters deal with real life emotional issues, survival through strengthening infrastructure rather than the usual runnin’ and gunnin’ found in many post-apocalyptic stories. It’s a great read, a fun ride, and it’s going to be popular…don’t miss out on Evasion.

Gabriel E. Denison-Chandler – Former Contributing Editor of The Central Oregon Horse Journal, published in numerous magazines including Africa Today and The Denver Post.