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Opportunities for Spiritual Growth:

            My friend said the other day, “I’m so tired of people saying I manifested this cancer!”  It’s a Blame The Victim philosophy, she pointed out, why the heck would she manifest such a harrowing ordeal?

            I believe in our ability to manifest the life we choose so naturally I had to look at myself.  Why would I manifest my son’s death?  Nothing could be worse than that, right?  Granted there are different kinds of harrowing ordeals and they need not be compared.  This is a question I asked myself soon after he died, nearly four years ago.  What gift was he, and I before I was born, offering me in this heart shattering experience?

            There’s a difference between what we manifest in this physical lifetime and what we chose for ourselves before we were born, when we were with our soul group, in our power.  They both contain gifts for our soul’s growth but they’re different.  I would venture to say that some of the worst experiences we have in our lives are not things we manifested, but rather things our souls’ chose before birth. 

            Imagine spiritually sitting around with our soul group brainstorming, “what is it going to take to help me learn X?”  “Maybe I’ll need to get metastasized breast cancer?  Or maybe I’ll need to experience the death of my son?”  My son and I could have been ‘sitting’ there together and he could have said, “I’ll give up my life so you can grow spiritually!”  A gift.  Yuck!

            The same could have occurred for someone like my friend.  She could have been sitting around with her soul group, brainstorming.  “What’s it going to take for me to learn this life lesson, X?”  “Oh, maybe if I get stage 4 cancer, that will help me learn it!”  A gift.  Just as yucky!

            Every harrowing experience we endure in our lives may be ‘gifts’ our soul groups chose with us before we were born, ‘gifts’ to help us grow spiritually.  The physical world is full of beautiful things and harrowing traumas.  Living through them can enable us to learn spiritual lessons, get closer to the enlightened state.  That doesn’t mean they’re easy.  Theoretically, those people who are suffering the most difficult life experiences are living through spiritual gifts which give them the opportunity for massive spiritual growth, even jumping timelines (see recent guest blog by Gabriel Dennison Chandler Manifestations & Jumping Timelines.

            So, the next time you catch yourself judging someone for being homeless, violent, a criminal, disabled, or depressed, remember that they are doing huge spiritual work, for themselves, and possibly for us.  They may be giving us a spiritual gift, helping us learn compassion, helping us learn to love.

Spiritual Gifts From The Ocean

            Quite possibly when we experience physical accidents, physical illness, even severe mental illness, our soul group may have set that up with us as an opportunity to learn to slow down, take space to sit still, to just ‘be’, to meditate, and challenge restrictive beliefs.

            Every experience we have, no matter how heinous, offers us spiritual ‘gifts’.  The trick is to open ourselves up to what the ‘gift’ may be.

Manifestations and Jumping Timelines

Guest blogger: Gabriel Denison Chandler

We are all familiar with the concept and practice of manifestation: the ability to cast your mind into a reality you prefer, bringing it into your physical world.  But my perception is that although we exercise our ability to manifest, we still think in one dimensional terms.  Our beliefs revolve around a fixed destiny.

     But what if one line of Destiny were not a fixed destination, but a set of options?  There are clues in higher mathematics that this is indeed possible.  The mathematics of String Theory says there are at least 11 dimensions (or strings, timelines) which vibrate and propagate through time/space, interacting with each other.  

    If we have these options available to us, if they vibrate and communicate, this could mean that under certain conditions we can choose or change the timelines we are in, or wish to follow.  This applies not just to singular events, but progressions of events.  Each timeline might offer difficulties or triumphs, different soulmates or soul helpers.  The web of possibilities our soul could grow into is limitless when viewed from this perspective.

     It is quite possible that tragedy, which lowers our vibration, could fling us into an alternate timeline, while positive work (vision boards, prayer, yoga, affirmations, magical practice) can raise our vibration and reposition us on more desirable paths.  

     Within String Theory is the concept of Super Symmetry: Super Symmetry states that every known string has a Partner String, called a Super Partner.  This is much like the current interest in Twin Flame theory.  Twin Flames are our Partner Strings, vibrating and interacting to bring synchronicity to our soul’s ultimate growth experience.

    Quantum Theory – which differs in some areas from String Theory – states that when electrons are in a low energy state, energy can be added, resulting in the electron snapping into an ENTIRELY NEW STATE.  If we view ourselves as this electron, we have the ability to snap ourselves into optional timelines, new states of being, and experiences.  Of course, it may take a little practice, but the equations that prove it possible do exist.

     The first thing to do is add energy, to raise our vibration by improving our daily practice through meditation and positivity for those around us.  One positive, generous person can raise the energy of multitudes and change timelines, as we can see with Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha and other world/spiritual leaders throughout history.  What we don’t hear about are the unsung heroes, the street saints, that help and love every day to create little pockets of happiness and change. Those individuals jump timelines themselves but add energy to those around them.

     Since there is math to back us up, remember you have the power to change things in the material world for the better.  Let’s get started now.

Spiritual Gifts

            This page is a walk through beautiful gifts from the spirit.

            Imagine the sun, setting across the ocean, creating a sparkling path across the water all the way to the edge of the beach, lapping at the shore by your bare feet.

            Imagine your favorite animal snuggling against you, licking your hand.

            Imagine a warm, sunny, day, the perfect temperature, as you’re walking past a garden with your favorite flower blossoming in the yard.

            Imagine an aha moment, perhaps you’re watching a butterfly circle around you, perhaps the first one you’ve seen all season.

            Imagine finding a penny, nickel, or dime on the sidewalk, right in your path!  Or perhaps you find a beautiful feather.

            Imagine seeing the lights go on or off without you touching the light switch.  No need for fear, realize that the spirit world is getting your attention for some reason.

            Your dog or cat makes a sound that sounds like mama or some other unusual sound that is relevant to you.

            A friend you haven’t heard from in a long, time calls, or shows up on your door step.

            You sense a deceased loved one talking to you, sending you a feeling, or sending you a miraculous experience in nature.

            Imagine sitting in the shade on a warm day, drinking a cool glass of tea.

            Imagine watching a baby learn to smile, laugh, sit, stand, walk, or say it’s first word.

            Imagine walking through the paths of a beautiful garden, layered with ground covers, taller flowers, and flowering or fruiting trees.

            Imagine eating a luscious apple, fig, or cherry picked fresh off a tree.

            Imagine the infinite perfection of a rose blooming, its fragrance and blossom.

            Imagine the trees applauding you or singing for you as the wind blows through the leaves.

            Imagine warm sand between your toes.

            Imagine dipping your toes into a pond with a small waterfall flowing into it.

            Imagine you boundless capacity to heal others through love.

            Imagine walking along the edge of a beautiful creek or river, surrounded by lush forest, interspersed with water cascading down the rocks.

            Imagine the hope that springs eternal in your soul is a gift of the spirit.

            Imagine the miracle of a tide pool, complete with star fish and sea anemones.

            Imagine a feeling of peace in your heart, in your chest, the ease of just being.

            Imagine how you feel after a nice walk, laughing with a friend, having meditated, or eaten a lovely meal.

            Imagine the security of your own bed, made up fresh.

            Imagine a baby grabbing your finger.

            Imagine your love for a precious baby: animal or human.

            Imagine the feeling of joy you experience doing a beloved activity.

            Imagine your power to change your world!

Bipolar Disorder & Depression Management Naturally: Control Your Thinking Patterns

This is not meant to be therapy, so please if you’re suffering, seek out professional therapy.

Managing your mood can be challenging at best and when our thoughts get mired in negativity it can be even harder.  Many people defend their thought patterns, believing they’re looking rationally at the world they live in.  But there is always a choice regarding how we focus our thoughts, either positively or negatively.

Rationalizing negativity doesn’t help us feel good and often, when we perceive events as simply bad, there is some negative aspect of our factual thought patterns.  We need to realize that when our negative thoughts are factual, then we have grief work to do.  If your thoughts stray to your history with an alcoholic parent who mistreated you when they were drunk, that requires grief work.  If you, like me, find yourself thinking about the loss of a loved one, that will also require grief work.  If you were raped or beaten, you’ll need to grieve your lack of safety at that time.

Thinking about Donald Trump’s potential to detonate nuclear weapons is future tripping.  It hasn’t happened yet and worrying about it just makes you feel like crap.  Similarly, thinking about the quantity of plastics in the ocean may be a fact, but it doesn’t help us to focus on it unless we have a solution.  These thinking patterns might require grief work, but it might be more helpful to develop some faith that a brilliant scientist will figure out a way to fix it.  In the mean-time, you can reduce your plastic consumption and reuse every bit of plastic you find yourself in possession of as solutions reduce anxiety.  It doesn’t help your mood to dwell on the negatives of the world.

It’s much more helpful to work on increasing positive thoughts.  Each morning, work on a list of things you’re grateful for.  Here’s my daily list: 1. I’m grateful for my children, 2. My husband, 3. My dear friends, 4.  Supportive communities, 5. My pets 6. My garden, all the food and flowers it produces, 7. My career and it’s flexibility, 8. My writing, 9. Being able to help people, 10. The accessibility of the spirit world, 11. Miracles, 12. The rejuvenability of water, 13. Publishing my writing 14. Psychic skill, 15. The ability to manifest, 16. It’s spring time, 17. A beautiful sunny day, 18. Raining when I’m inside, 19.  That my son, though deceased, is still available to talk to, 20. That I live in Eugene, Oregon, amongst large forests and near the ocean.

You can also work on a list of things you appreciate about yourself.  For example, 1. I’m kind. 2. I like helping people. 3. I’m a loyal friend, spouse, …. 4. I’m healthy. 5. I’m a good mom, dad… 6. I’m genuine, 7. I have a good sense of humor, 8. I’m intelligent, 9. I take care of myself.  10.  I meditate. 11. I exercise, 12. I’m a good cook 13. I’m empathic, 14.  I have artistic skill, 15. I’m good at what I do (as a career). 16. I’m compassionate, 17. I’m honest/have integrity, 18. My kids friends like hanging out at my house, 19. I take good care of the people and animals I love. 20. I share my abundance.

Overall the goal is to increase your positive thoughts until there are at least twice as many of them as the negative thoughts that plague you.

It is important to recognize the negative thoughts that are causing you trouble.  For example, thoughts about not feeling well that make us create excuses to stay indoors, in bed, alone, are unhelpful thoughts.    Thoughts about doing something exciting to get out of depression or out of agitation are also unhelpful.  These kinds of thoughts need to be changed.  Thoughts about not wanting to go to bed or to sleep at a reasonable hour are also unhelpful because they are poor self-care and are likely to aggravate the negative mood.

If you find yourself thinking negative things about yourself or others and feeling badly, it’s time to learn to change your negative thought patterns.  I recommend David D. Burns: Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy.  His book is easy to read and can help you learn to change your negative thought patterns.

Start with a chart like this:



3.Automatic Thought

4.Evidence Supporting The Thought

5.Evidence Against The Thought

6. Balanced Thought

7. Post Mood                                                                                                         

This is a copy of the chart in Mind Over Mood, by Dennis Greenberger PhD, Christine A. Padesky PhD, et al.  This is a dry book with a great chart!

Generally, when people first do this exercise it is hard to get all the way through it.  If you need help, seek a therapist that does CBT, (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).  Eventually when you can complete all 7 columns your mood should improve a little.  Over time, as you do this exercise more and more, there should be greater improvements in your mood.  The research says that after doing this exercise 20-50 times, you will be able to do it automatically in your head.  I believe that happened to me.  I hope it will happen for you too.

Once you can do this exercise effectively, you will know how to change all your negative thoughts to more positive ones.  This blog is about helping you learn to find the positive in any situation!

Raising Energetic Vibration

Raising energetic vibration is getting closer to The Loving Source Energy, spreading your raised vibrations to those around you.  One can achieve this in a variety of ways: addressing one’s emotions, finding joy, helping others, finding gratitude in your daily life, and meditation are methods for increasing energetic vibration.  It is also important to be aware of what we eat and drink, as that influences our spiritual vibration.

            In a recent blog, Spiritual Growth, I addressed how to cope with anxiety and fear, while we need to cope with grief and sadness.  Some believe being sad lowers your vibrational energy, but the information I receive from the spirit world says otherwise.  That was also addressed briefly in Spiritual Growth, but it warrants more attention.  Our culture discourages sadness and grief, making it inappropriate to cry in public, or express vulnerable emotions.  My son and spirit guide assures me that dealing with grief head on, crying, leads us back to joy.  It also helps those in the spirit world, having struggled with their vulnerable emotions in the physical world, to give an example of processing.

            Being happy and finding joy are important pieces of the puzzle of raising our energetic vibration, but it is important to be clear about this joy.  I think of joy as a genuine happiness, achieved in a healthy way and this is the joy that raises our vibration.  If we approach happiness in unhealthy ways, it won’t have the same effect.  For example, if we use drugs or alcohol, engage in risky behaviors, or commit crimes, they might bring excitement, but not genuine joy.  These methods actually lower energetic vibration.  Methods that bring joy and gratitude into our daily living will increase our energetic vibration and be passed on to those around us.  Some of those options were discussed in the blog, Spiritual Evolution.

            Helping others is another way to raise our spiritual vibration.   This could be your career, if you work in a caring field, but it can also be done in your spare time as volunteer work.  I’ve written several blogs on that and you can find them by searching homeless or homelessness in this blog page.

            Meditation and prayer are important ways to increase energetic vibration as both improve our mood, while helping us tune into our higher self.  There are many kinds of meditation, relaxation, and visualization practices, and any path you feel comfortable with will increase your vibration.

            Our food and drink intake can also make a difference.  Ingesting junk or fast food, prepared by underpaid workers with low quality ingredients, create lowered vibrations that can be passed on to us because everything is energy. Some think we need to be vegetarian or vegan to be healthy/raising our vibration, but some of us need meat, so that method won’t work for everyone.  The key is to eat whole food, grown sustainably and naturally.  If we need meat, the animal should be raised sustainably, ideally blessed and thanked for giving it’s life for our survival.  Drinking teas and juices with herbs and fruits grown holistically will also contribute to an increased energetic vibration.

            Tikun Olam is the Jewish tradition of giving back to the earth and helping others.  We’ve already talked about helping others, but we need to help the earth  – as the earth is a living entity, connected to our energetic vibration.  Our energy impacts the earth while the earth’s energy impacts us.  Reusing and recycling helps the earth sustain itself, and all life forms that depend on it.  When we grow things sustainably, use energy sparingly, and are kind to animals, we increase the vibrations and joy of our entire ecosphere.  There are multitudes of ways to raise our lifestyle to a higher vibration.  We would love to have you comment and share your methods and ideas here!

Spiritual Meanings: Finding Coins

Finding coins on the ground or in any other unusual place brings to mind the saying: “pennies from heaven”.  Spirits, guardian angels, guides, whatever you call them, they keep an eye on us, figuratively speaking.  They’re there with us all the time and when we open our hearts to them, we begin to notice how they communicate.  They let us know when we’re on the right path for our soul by leaving us little signs, which might be in the form of coins.

            In my last post, Spiritual Growth,  I discussed how our guides or our higher selves let us know when we’re not on the right path, through emotions we might not understand.

            When we are on the right path, they leave signs in the material world for us to find.  Your guides may drop pennies in your path, leave you feathers, or pretty/heart-shaped stones.  They direct you to see repeating numbers.  They leave you signs you find suddenly, only you will know the significance of them.  If they’re young spirits, they may play silly pranks on you.  They’re letting you know that they’re there, with you, watching over you, letting you know when you’re on the right path.  It may be something you are thinking or something you are doing that is “right” for your soul path.  They want you to know that you’re on the right path so they leave you a sign.

            The other day I was taking my daughter to buy food for a trip to the beach.  I took my canning jar full of herb tea, which I usually carry around for healthy liquid.  At the first stop light, it rolled onto the floor of the car.  I thought to myself, “uh oh, it may get in the way of my driving”.  So, I pulled over to look for it, but it was gone.  I felt under the seat, around the floor, but couldn’t find it.

            Yesterday when we were packing the car, I felt all around both sides of the floor of the front seat but the jar of tea seemed to have dematerialized.  I thought it was a pretty cute trick really and I actually laughed, which I believe is the goal.  Spirits like us laughing!  They like us happy.  One of my guides now, is my son, who died 31/2 years ago and he definitely likes me happy.

            What I didn’t think about at the time that the jar dematerialized, was that my son/my guide liked that I was planning to take my kids to the beach.  He was letting me know I was on the right track.

            I share this with you to encourage you to pay attention, keep your heart open, and your mind open to the meanings behind the little treats you may find in your path.  It could be coins, feathers, things disappearing or reappearing, or it could be an animal or insect behaving in an unusual way.  Native American belief says wild animals, Medicine Spirits, show themselves to you with purpose.  Likely there are things I am not even thinking about, but when they happen, they’ll pull you up short.  You’ll think, “that’s odd”.  You might discount it with, “that’s just a coincidence”.  But they’re not.  They’re serendipitous!  Serendipitous things are our guides, the spirits, communicating with us.  They’re saying, “Great job!  You’re on the right track!  You’re evolving!”  They’re validating you for something you’ve done right, letting you know you are not alone. 

Spiritual Growth

            As physical beings on this earth plane, we experience a vast array of emotions, some of which at times may become challenging.  Grief sometimes gets pushed down so deep, it is difficult to reclaim, process, and manage.  Physical injuries and illness also cause emotions, as our bodies work to heal us, we create depression like symptoms which are actually just part of our immune system doing its job. 

Our higher self may also create emotions in our bodies as a way of communicating with us.  I’d like to highlight this for a moment because it can be so confusing, yet intensely important for our spiritual growth.  There are times, perhaps often, when our bodies create emotions, depression or anxiety, that is actually our higher self, trying to get our attention.  It is trying to tells us we are on the wrong track in something we are thinking about or pursuing.  It is our body’s way of telling us we need to do something differently.

I’ll give you an example of a very clear time when I experienced this phenomena.  While my son was still alive, he struggled with drug addiction and a desire to kill himself.  I was so terrified that he would, I tried to get him some medication.  I got terribly anxious about it, almost panicky, and realized it was the wrong way to deal with his misery and my fear.  I told him I couldn’t help him get medications, but I could help him get into treatment.  The anxiety evaporated.  I helped him get into treatment and had my lovely son for at least 4 more years after that.

Grief work is tricky to negotiate.  It may be time to grieve about something and we aren’t doing the grief work.  Instead we are pushing along, working, taking care of others, doing the chores or whatever distracts us.  Maybe we’re watching movies, playing video games, getting drunk or high, but we’re not paying attention to our bodies, so we feel pain.  It may be physical pain or it may be anxiety, but the message is: “grieve”.  Do the griefwork, face the tears, face our loss; the physical body needs to grieve and it actually helps our spirit counterparts when we face our grief and do this work.  Sadness is an important, genuine, vulnerable emotion, healthy to feel and healthy to express.  The amazing thing you might notice if you face this emotion head on, is your anxiety abates.  This type of anxiety is your body’s way of telling you that you need to experience your sadness, the body’s loss.

Facing any of our emotions, learning to understand where they come from, and processing them, helps us grow spiritually.  The amazing part is that it not only helps us, it helps the spirits on the other side of the veil.

Spiritual Evolution

I wonder how many people get their thoughts mired in the muck of negativity around our presidency, global warming, or pollution?  I’ve talked to lots of people who struggle with anxiety and find themselves worrying about what Trump is going to do next, how much plastic is in the ocean, or if we’ll run out of fuel.  I hear people worrying that there’s nothing they can do about it, nothing that will make a difference.  They become disillusioned with the world.

            On a spiritual front, I hear people talking about ascension, getting closer to God, or as the Sufi say, The One.  Organized Religions say their way is the only way.  As if there was only one way.  But, does that make sense?  Would a loving being make it that hard?  Would The One make it so there was only one right path, one way to ascend?

            Having lived through the death of a child, I feel like I have been given a connection with The One.  I keep receiving the message that there are lots of paths.   Imagine a location with many paths to get there.  Imagine your city’s downtown and how many route’s there are to get to the center.  You have your favorite route, streets you would prefer to take and you know your friend/beau/spouse likes to go another way, but they both get you there.  Spirituality is similar.  There are lots of ways to get closer to God.  They will all get you there.  You just have to find the route that works for you.

            Everything in this blog I offer as a potential route to help you get there.

            If you work on yourself, lifting your mood, relieving your anxiety, stabilizing your mood, that will help you feel better, think more positively, and get closer to The One.  If you exercise, meditate, and volunteer to help others, it will help you evolve and get closer to God, helping you shine a light to others.

            Paying attention to all the negativity in the world is a way of being mired in the physical world, controlled by the media and the government, getting too focused on being IN the world, rather than being OF the world.  It’s important to keep an awareness, which can be helped through meditation, that we’re only visiting here, all this physical stuff is temporary, and miracles do happen.  If miracles can happen, it stands to reason that if we really try to fix our world, it could get easier to fix.

            If everyone could focus on the beautiful positive things in our world, rather than the ugly negative things, we would be a much more peaceful people.  Imagine each day, waking up and listening to the news, full of shootings, robberies, thefts, and all Trump’s negativity.  A downer, right?  Then imagine starting each day meditating, speaking a long list of things you’re grateful for out loud, hugging someone, petting an animal, and helping another person.  Imagine noticing wildlife, paying attention to flowers blooming, noticing the bulbs popping up in the spring, and planting something you can watch grow.  What would your day be like then?  What kind of light would you shine?

            From this perspective, if we meditate, work on positive thinking patterns, and take care of our physical temple, our body, we will get closer to The One. 

The idea is similar to boiling point.  If you’ve ever watched a pot of water begin to boil, you would notice that when about 11% of the water begins to boil, suddenly all of the water is boiling.  If 11% of the population meditates, loves, helps others, imagines a healthy world, at some point everyone will suddenly be on board with that idea.  Maintaining this focus enables us to live happier, be healthier, and focus on the greater good.

Helping the homeless; helping them helps you

How many of you think about the growing number of people without permanent homes?   During one of my many trips to a local coop store, Grower’s Market, I discovered that there was a regular camp behind Grower’s, with a pretty consistent camper, P.  He is there most of the time and sometimes has a friend with him.  I talk to him pretty regularly now and have found him to be a friendly, pleasant person.

            During our chats, when I often bring him water, cheese, bread, and a banana or some combination of food stuff, he has shared with me his story.  He explained that he was divorced about five years ago and hasn’t had a permanent home since.  He hasn’t shared with me his personal issues, those things that added to the situation, and have prevented him from reacquiring permanent shelter.  He did share that he doesn’t like to go the group help centers, like the Mission, or the Egan Warming Centers because of the chaos and the human conflicts.

            So, I’ve made a regular habit of sharing.  When I go shopping each week, I get something for him too.  Sometimes I bring him some of our home cooked meal, hot food to heat him up from the inside out.  But at the very least, I get him something.  Sometimes I’ll give him money to wash and dry his sleeping bag/blankets.  ‘They get moldy,’ he explained, ‘from getting wet.’  ‘They won’t let me just come in and dry them at the laundro-mat.’  It’s hard for him to find enough money to wash and dry them.

Picking one person to help can be a way of taking on small bites at a time to help people in need.  Open your eyes and your heart to find someone who needs help and choose a way to help them that feels comfortable for you.  Most spiritual institutions talk about helping others as a way to feel closer to God, if you believe in that.  Most people recognize that helping someone helps us feel better about ourselves.

As we move through the journey of life, learning how to grow emotionally and spiritually, we begin to figure out tools to help ourselves feel good, good about ourselves, good about the world.  Focusing on what we can do to make the world a better place can help us feel good as well as focusing on the beauty that already exists in our world.  Discovering the friendly nature of those people who live without permanent shelter is one of those beautiful things!

Thanks for visiting! Please go to the comments and let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and what you’d like to read more of! Your opinion matters! Thank you for liking us, sharing us, following us, and writing comments!

Miracle Manifest: Disappearing and Reappearing Items

            How many of you have ever experienced something that felt too unusual to be ‘just a coincidence’?  How many of you find coins in strange places, or more commonly than seems normal?  How many of you feel like a deceased loved one is connecting with you from the spirit world?  Please share your experiences right here and if it’s okay with you, I’ll post them to the blog!

Not long ago I wrote a blog about the interesting ways spirits play!  In the three years since my deepest loss, the number of items which have either appeared out of thin air, or disappeared and then reappeared later in a strange place, have been increasing.  The frequency with which I find coins has become so often that it defies chance and it continues to happen.

I wrote before about the dollar I found hanging in a tree, the twenty I found scrunched up on the side walk, and the five dollar-bill I found in a pocket where I never put money.  It seemed only natural to me to say to my son, in my head, ‘hey, all we need now is a ten!’  I was at least half-kidding, but really, I mean, why not?  So, when two five dollar-bills turned up in a strange place, I thought, ‘cute, Shawheen, that’s ten dollars alright, but that’s not a ten!’

I find pennies a lot, often I’ll find them three to five days in a row.  I consistently find an increase when I’ve had an intense period of grief.  Last Thursday was one of those days.  Grief hit me in the morning before work.  Usually it hits hard at night which is much more private, but this time it was in the morning.  So, I get in my parking place, wipe my eyes, check for redness in the rearview mirror, and when I look okay, I get out of the car.  Within ten feet of my car I find a penny.  Five feet from there, I find another penny.  “Thanks, Shawheen, now if I find a third that will really be something special!”  I thought to him and myself.  Later that day, a client of mine wanted to walk by the hospital to address some trauma and within a block or two from my office, I found a one dollar-bill.  Later the same day, I found the third penny.  Look at it visually, 1111.  Monetarily 1.03.  Anyway, you look at it, it’s a hell-of-a coincidence.  Serendipity, more like it, gifts from the spirit world.  They let us know we’re on the right track.  I find a lot of them near my office!!  I work as a psychotherapist, so I guess I’m doing the right work for me. 🙂

I share these experiences in the hopes that they will help you see the serendipitous events that occur in your life, an unusual experience with wildlife, an unusual sequence of events, or unexpected ‘coincidences’.  I hope that by reading about my serendipitous experiences, your heart and mind will be opened to amazing, awe inspiring experiences you have in your own life!

Thank you for visiting! We appreciate you sharing this blog with your friends, leaving comments and questions, as well as following and liking us! Thanks so much! Your visits are what make all this worthwhile!

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