Spirits are creative about the gifts they give.  There are times when you might think something is a coincidence or you misperceived or you miscounted.  Basically, you assume this thing you can’t explain is your mistake.  What if it isn’t a coincidence and it’s not your mistake? What if those serendipitous situations, those “coincidences”, are gifts?

A week ago, on my shopping day, I counted the number of loose tea bags I had left.  These are a sack variety that I use to make tea with on a daily basis.  Lately, I have used two a day, one for a coffee substitute and one for tea.  I counted eight, enough for four days.  Then I made extra tea for two different people so I should have been down to enough for three days.  I was disappointed but I figured I’d manage somehow until I got to my regular shopping day. Then I forgot about it.

This afternoon, Wednesday, eight days after my Thursday shopping day, I suddenly thought about it as I was making tea.  I realized I shouldn’t have any left, but I do. I have three left.  Now I could say, ‘maybe I miscounted’.  But, frankly, I counted them twice.  Today there were three left.  They extended themselves or some spiritual being extended them for me. A little gift from my son, I like to think.  Pennies from heaven are treats and pretty common.  But tea bags from heaven are unique!  Thanks, Shawheen!