I wonder how many of you live in places where global warming has turned into global extremes: extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme storms, extreme fires…?   Anything I missed?  I wonder how many of you feel anxious or afraid of your safety at certain times of the year when these extremes manifest in your city, state, country?  I wonder how many of you feel helpless to do anything about it?  I was.  I thought I didn’t have any power to do anything about it.  I didn’t have political connections, extreme wealth, or any other solutions.

What my spirit guides helped me understand is that we don’t need those kinds of power to make a difference.  All we need is a spiritual connection and we can gather together and make a huge difference. 

Recently, when I was hiking with a dear friend, she reminded me about some research that had been done on world peace.  When I went to look for the research, I found three.  In each, groups of meditators sat together to meditate on world peace.  In each case, during the weeks that followed, violent world conflicts reduced from 26%-36% following these prayer groups.

I have been asking you all to come together with me to pray for world climate healing.  While we’re at it, we can meditate on world peace as well: peace to Mother Earth and all who reside on her.

I have been practicing on my own and have shared with you in other Call to Action blogs about some of my small-time results.  I share these with you in hopes of helping you gain confidence in our power to change the world.  If I can make changes in the weather patterns of my own city, imagine what we could do as a group!  I am no more special than any of you.  I have only developed faith in the possibility that I could impact the Earth.

This morning, my teenaged son didn’t want to come on our hike due to poor air quality.  It had been poor all the previous day, during which I had encouraged it to clear up, but had not had much effect.  His dad made him join me, but he told me in the car that if the air was bad, he was going to stay in the car.  When we left our town, the AQI was 124, dangerous for sensitive groups.  When we got to the woods, it seemed better and he hiked with me.  I encouraged him to reach out to the Universe with me and ask for all our wind friends to gather together and “Blow the smoke away, blow the smoke away…”

We did this several times on our hike and while he practiced driving on the way home, I did it several more times.  As we were driving back into town, the AQI had increased to 164-dangerous for all groups.  But then it began to look a little better.

We kept our windows shut at home, keeping out that icky air.  I kept looking out the window, encouraging our wind friends to blow the smoke away.

Later, (only a couple of hours later) when I began to feel stir crazy stuck in the house, I went out to pick fruit from my trees and the air seemed much better.  At that point, it had gone down to 85-moderate.  Now, in the evening, it’s down to 57-still moderate, but obviously much better!  But notice that only two hours after our hike, it was already down to 85.

If we had that impact, which I believe we did, imagine what would happen to the world if 100 of us, 1,000 of us, or 1,000,000 of us were sending similar prayers out to the Universe or to God.  Just Imagine!

Now, Earth Angels, I call you to action.  Every morning when you walk outside, to the bus, to your bike, or to your car, reach out to whatever you believe in and ask for a concrete improvement in your local weather.  Be sure to be grateful for some aspect of the weather while you’re asking for change.  Being joyful and grateful are feelings that improve the effectiveness of your request.  Join me in asking for change!