Perhaps by now, you’ve read my Climate Call to Action and the follow-up piece.

Today, on a long hike in the National Forrest with my teenaged son, we were having a conversation where he talked about his belief in the imminent death of the earth.  He shared about a huge fire in the middle of the ocean from an oil spill.  I found myself commenting, “If only the powers that be would change the laws, they could save the world.”

I realize I’ve maintained a long-held belief that I am not powerful enough to create change.  I can reuse plastic bags, buy organic, recycle, shop in hippy stores, ride my bicycle, but not impact the greater world. Then I wrote my Climate Call to Action and I was legitimately surprised by how much change we created just through those meditations.

If we could do that to the weather, what could we do if we worked together to impact billionaires and world leaders?  I looked around myself at all the trees, huge evergreens, and smaller deciduous trees.  They communicate under the earth through their root systems.  We all communicate through our auras, our energy.  What if we meditated/prayed to the Universe/God and wished all the energies of the world would rain empathy for Mother Earth down on our political figures and billionaires, the powers that be.  Maybe we could influence them that way!

As usual, I set about putting this idea into action immediately.  I gazed at the trees and the sky, communicating with their auras, their energy.  I sent them my gratitude for all they do making our world a place where we can breathe the air, where they create shade and oxygen.  I asked them to please send their peaceful energy to gather with their friends and rain empathy for our world down on all the powers that be.

I ask you to join me. On Sunday evenings at 7:00, let’s sit for twenty minutes and put these ideas into practice.

I ask you to meditate or pray (whatever your belief system) to your God, or the Universe, to the trees, to the sky, to all of nature.  I ask you to send your gratitude and ask all that energy to rain down empathy, peace, and positive action on all the people. We can focus that request particularly on the powers that be, the governments and the super-rich who have the power to save the world now. 

Many of us have read about the power of group prayer, of group meditation.  Many of us know that this is the way to create grassroots power.

Let’s DO IT!!!

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