Manifesting Through Visualization

            Visualization can help you manifest your heart’s desire: Creating strong, happy feelings when you’re visualizing your dream is a magnificent way to reinforce the effectiveness of your manifestation. I love to do my visualizations during meditation while running, or while doing some kind of exercise when I am alone and not distracted by others.

I will visualize seeing or experiencing the event I’d like to create.  For example, I may visualize my group room at my office filled to capacity with participants who are happy to be there and benefitting from the experience.  I can see the room in my mind.  I know how the chairs are arranged and how I feel when I am facilitating a full group.  I get kind of excited and happy, so it is easy to imagine the situation and the feelings associated with it.

            I visualize my book: Evasion, by Erica L Hernandez, selling rapidly, with exponential increases!  I can see the graph on the advertising page and so it is easy to imagine the graph going upwards.  It is simple to imagine the excitement I will feel when the book takes off as I am so happy to be able to help people.  I am confident that some people will find helpful tools while reading the book.  The whole process is exciting, so imagining the excitement is easy.

            You could visualize your dream job.  First, you create a picture using television or movie examples, or your own imagination.  Second, add motion to your picture.  See yourself doing this job or activity that you desire.  Third, imagine the joy or excitement associated with it.  If, for any reason, it is difficult to imagine your feelings, try to remember when you felt them in the past.  Remember a time when you were newly in love, when a child was born, when you did a stimulating activity or experienced a peaceful joy.  Fourth, you can combine the feeling you remember with the event you’re manifesting.

            Someone told me the way they do this is, they put an outcome that they want in their mind and then they refuse to imagine any other outcome.  You’ll find your own way as you combine those four steps to begin manifesting your heart’s desire. Write to me and share your manifestation experiences! I’d love to hear about them. #Evasion