Do you have panic attacks?  Panic attacks terrorize people, leaving them in the grips of what sometimes seem like deadly symptoms, but aren’t.  There is no need to suffer from panic attacks anymore.  It is amazing how easy it can be to stop anxiety and panic attacks.  Although panic attacks are significantly more intense than everyday anxiety, it is shockingly simple to defeat them.

         First, it is helpful to know that a panic attack only lasts 10–20 minutes, but those minutes can feel interminable. Look at a clock so you will know when it should be getting better.

Next, track your symptoms. You’ll find those here:

To have a panic attack you need to experience 4 symptoms.

Symptoms include:

1. Accelerated heart rate, heart racing, or pounding

2. Hot flashes or cold chills,

3. Sweating,

4. Chest pain or discomfort,

5. Fear of going crazy or losing control,

6. Sense of terror, impending doom or fear of dying,

7. Derealization, a disconnection from reality or feeling detached, like you are watching your life on a stage.

8. Feelings of choking or smothering,

9. Tingling or numbness in extremities,

10. Shaking or trembling,

11. Stomach distress, nausea, or vomiting,

12. Feeling weak, faint, or dizzy,

13. Breathing difficulties.

         The first step is to learn the symptoms of a panic attack and track them each time you have one.  I will attach a panic attack symptom tracker with this post.  As you track your panic attacks, you will begin to recognize a theme, each attack starts with the same symptom.  I can’t tell you which will be your first symptom, that varies from person to person, but usually it is the same with each panic attack.  Pay close attention to the first symptom as this will empower you to know when to act. At the first symptom, it isn’t a panic attack yet and it is much easier to intervene.

Once you learn the first symptom, it becomes your Early Warning Sign. At that point, if you meditate or do EFT, you may be able to prevent that first symptom from turning into a panic attack. If you are unable to meditate or do EFT, try going for a walk in the fresh air. Walking will help you breathe in such a way as to make it less likely that your symptoms will escalate into a panic attack. You might play some classical or other calming music as well. Other options for relaxing you to prevent a panic attack include a hot bath, a cup of calming tea (chamomile, lemon balm, any sleepy time tea), an herbal tincture, watching a candle burn and so on.

         Please feel free to contact me with any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.