Raising Your Spiritual Vibration, part II

When I wrote my last post on raising your spiritual vibration, I stayed with my therapist’s perspective, causing me to neglect an important piece of the spiritual puzzle.  The piece I missed was about following your heart to passion.  If we’re following our heart’s desired, follow our passion, we are led to things that make us feel enthusiastic, which in turn will raise our spiritual vibration. 

            Excitement can be misleading from a therapeutic perspective as some people find excitement in unhealthy activities.

            However, if we are able to follow our hearts, finding elation in healthy activities, we’re on the right track.  A peaceful passion leads us to the desires of our higher self.  I watch my daughter get animated about doing activities that help the environment, volunteering for Cascadia Wildlands.  When I first began working as a psychotherapist, I was thrilled when I was referred a new client.  Here was an opportunity to help someone.  Now I find myself exhilarated about learning that people are reading my blog as it becomes a new opportunity to help others.  Taking a large pot of soup to feed the homeless has a similar effect, making me feel passionate about what I’m doing.

            Sometimes people feel excited about an activity, later realizing that it leads to guilt and other negative feelings.  This is our heart or higher self, helping us to understand that this was not a desire of our soul, and thereby not the correct activity.  When we do an activity which renders a peaceful joy afterward, that is our heart/soul, letting us know that was the activity desired by the higher self.

            Listen to yourself, to your heart, and it will tell you the desires of your higher self, of your soul.  This will lead to raising your spiritual vibration.