Some people believe that before we are born, we meet with our soul group to plan the challenges we will face on Earth during our physical lifetime.  When you’re at the tail end of a life challenge and you’ve figured out what you were supposed to learn from it, it’s not such a hard pill to swallow. However, when you’re treading water in the middle of it, that pill can get stuck in your throat feeling like it’s choking you.

            I must have decided with my soul group that I needed to live through a lot of life challenges to figure out how to set boundaries, how to connect with the spirit world, how to have patience, and something else I haven’t yet figured out.  I’ve lived through spousal abuse, alcoholism in several people I’ve loved, cheating lovers, the death of my son, a current horrible illness in my child, and most recently a stubborn, blistering rash on my face where I can’t hide it from anyone.  It’s not a pleasant way to present oneself to the world.

            If I’m going to be constantly reminded about it when I think about it, I need to be positive: “I love my skin.  I love my face. I’m filling myself with love and light.  I am healing my skin.  I am healing my eyes and face.  I am covering my face with love and light. I am focused on energy, positive energy.

            I imagine we all have times in our lives that seem to be too much to bear, times when being positive takes a real concerted effort.  Caregiving is stressful work.  It is the second shift. You return from your full-time job to come home and care for your sick loved one.  You’re working two shifts all the time.  You’re not rewarded for the second shift. They don’t appreciate what you’re doing, but you do it because it’s the right thing to do. You now have extra work taking care of yourself, your ill family member, and your full-time job.  Sometimes your self-care regime gets extensive.

            In the middle of a challenging time, it is difficult to expand our view to be able to see the bigger picture, however, remember, there is a bigger picture even if we can’t see it.  Meditating can reduce stress around our challenge areas and assist us in getting through it.  EFT is another skill you’ll find described in a previous blog post.  Also known as “tapping”,  the process can be very helpful in reducing stress stored in our body surrounding difficult life challenges.

            When you’re out there finding the balance within the challenges in your life, just know I sympathize with you.  Even when you think you’re doing everything right, you may not receive the results you want. Just keep going, be positive, and keep the faith, meaning keep doing your self-care, your exercise, meditation, eating right, socializing, and doing something creative.  You may have to push yourself sometimes, but the act of doing it helps keep you from crashing into depression.  Here is a place where you can find support and a caring voice to get you through these hard times.

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