If you read my last blog, you read about the disappearance of my computer and how it reappeared later in my bed, where I definitely hadn’t put it.

It was only days later that my daughter asked if she could use the computer to look up a recipe.  She wanted to make cookies and you know how the new generation is: they don’t look things up in books, they use the computer!  This young girl reads books like other kids eat jelly beans, she gobbles them up two to five a day sometimes.  Still when it comes time to look something up, she wants a computer.

Sometime later in the evening when most of the cookies were gone, I was getting ready for the next day of work and I went looking for my computer and it was gone.  There was no sign of it on the counter in the kitchen where she had used it and it wasn’t on the desk where I charge it either.

“Gabriela, what did you do with my computer?”  I asked her.  She didn’t answer.  Do your preadolescent kids answer you the first time?  I tried to get her attention, fruitlessly, and then went looking for her.  I found her on her bed, buried in a book and I tapped her on the shoulder to distract her from the book and asked again.

“It should be on the counter.”  She assured me.

I asked her to come help me look for it and once again, we searched the house to no avail.  Despite my experience a few days ago, I searched everywhere and when I didn’t find it, I got stressed out about what I was going to do at work the next day without it.

When I woke up the next morning, my computer was on the computer desk, right where it belonged.  I knew it was Shawheen’s work, teasing me with the missing computer.

That day when I got home, I decided I would leave my computer in my briefcase.  I wouldn’t use it at all, then maybe it wouldn’t disappear and stress me out!  If Shawheen’s goal was for me to use my computer less, then this theory might have been sound.

Later my son wanted that computer to write an essay, so once again it came out, but this time I insisted it go right back into my briefcase.

Again, I’m getting ready for work and getting everything ready.  I check my briefcase just to make sure that my computer is there.  It’s NOT!  I can’t believe it’s not there.  Did it really go back?  I get my son to help me look for the computer.  We’re searching from room to room, all over the house.

After a while, my daughter appears, wanting something from me.  “I can’t help you right now, we’re looking for my computer.”  I tell her, quite seriously.

“Is it lost again?  Mom!  It’ll be back in the morning.  He always gives it back!  Why are you worried about it?”  She was so matter-of-fact.  She had no doubt in her mind that Shawheen had taken my computer once again and I would get it back in the morning.

“You’re right.” I told her.  “He gives it back every time.”  I let it go with peace and confidence.

The next morning, it was right on the computer desk as expected, ready to load up in my briefcase.  “Listen, Shawheen, could you please find some other way to get my attention, besides my computer?  This is a pain.  I like the coins much better!”  I let him know I don’t like it when he takes things, even if he does give them back!!

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