Spirits have a funny way of trying to get your attention.  My daughter seems to avoid the idea that her brother, though gone from the physical world, is still very much alive and well in another dimension.  He has shown her some very sweet things over the two plus years since he died, but she refuses to connect the dots.  That big brother of hers adored her, let me tell you!

Recently, she and I were in the kitchen.  It was past bed time and her father, brother, and grandmother were already in bed.  She was pushing my boundaries, not going to brush her teeth like she’d been told. I noticed she was putting something in the freezer; a graham cracker with chocolate sauce and sliced strawberries. “I wanted to see if it would freeze over night!”  She says. Silly, because she’s smart enough to know it will.  She’s just satisfying her sugar addiction!

I get her off to bed and myself also.

The next morning when she comes in the kitchen, she opens up the freezer.  “It’s gone!” She is furious.  She’s convinced her grandmother ate it, but although her grandmother also has a sweet tooth, she doesn’t eat dessert for breakfast. Her brother isn’t up yet and her father also doesn’t eat sweets in the morning.  She looks all around in the freezer.  “Maybe it fell to the side.”

She doesn’t find it and we eventually have to go get her and her brother to school.  Every one leaves for work, school or a class.

In the afternoon, she goes to a friend’s house and her brother and I head home.  He knows nothing about the treat she made herself, but he’s in the freezer looking for some frozen berries.  “Hey, there’s a graham cracker here with chocolate on it.  Did Gabriela make this?”

I’m astounded.  I have to come see it with my own eyes.  “Holy crap!  It’s there!” Right where she said it should have been, on top of a bag of wontons.

I tell her brother the story then.  “That’s a Shawheen trick no doubt!”  He tells me.

And I have to agree.

When his sister gets home I tell her. “Shawheen put the graham cracker back.”

She has to check and it is still there.  I don’t know if she’ll ever admit her deceased brother is trying to contact her.  I imagine he’ll keep trying.  But her brother and I know it’s him.  He’s keeping an eye on us, offering us guidance, humor, and love.

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