Spirits rest, Life-force energy renewal

Do you sense you’re experiencing synchronistic events, rather than coincidences? Do you talk to your loved ones after they’ve passed?   I have had two loved ones die in the last three years and I have learned that they are very available to communicate with while no longer in the physical body.

Over two years ago my son died.  He was only thirty years old, was in recovery from drug addiction, and struggling with debilitating depressions.  He had had a spiritual awakening at Serenity Lane and had continued following his spiritual path after that.  In a debilitating depression, he overdosed, and I lost my beloved son.

It wasn’t more than a month after he died that he began communicating with me from beyond the veil and he has been available to me on a daily basis since then.  You may have read other posts about some of the miraculous experiences he has shared with me.

Two months ago, my father died.  He had lived his life with great integrity, but as an atheist, with no belief in the afterlife.  He was convinced the end was the end.  He believed that he would decompose into dirt and worms, with no belief in a soul.  He had also had 15 years of chronic illness with Alzheimer’s disease.

When he died, he was initially unresponsive from the spirit world.  My son, Shawheen, told me, “Give him time, Mom, he’s adjusting.”

I began talking to him, telling him what happened, how he should notice that he still lives, he just isn’t physical anymore, that we can still communicate, even though I am here in the physical world and he is in the spirit world.  Each time I reached out to him and sensed confusion, I explained the best I could about the ending of his physical life and the continuance of his spiritual life.

For a while I got nothing, then I seemed to get grunts, then confusion, and over the weeks, gradually he seemed more aware.  Eventually after 6-8 weeks I sensed something like an awakening.  It was like he was suddenly alert and able to respond.  He seemed younger, bouncy, jolly and very receptive.  It was a 180-degree change from his confused, unresponsive state from before.

In consultation with a psychic, I was informed that when physical bodies are very ill, it can take them a while to finish resting.  During their rest period, just after physical death, they may be unresponsive, as if in a sleep.  During this time, the angels are returning the depleted life-force energy to the spiritual body.  While the physical body ages and becomes ill, the life-force energy is depleted and needs to be returned or reinforced.  She explained that my communications with my father likely helped him somehow.  Maybe in some way I was helping the angels revive his life-force energy.  It is a beautiful idea, anyway, that while here in the physical plane, we can actually help our spirit loved ones!