Spiritual connections, numerology

            Spiritual connections change with time, not always the way we want them to!  Some of you may know that my connections with spirit became easier to discern after the death of my eldest son.  While drowning in grief, losing weight from the exercise expended in tears, my son began to communicate with me in a way that I couldn’t ignore, couldn’t negate with science.  Although he still communicates with me, it isn’t always how I would like him to.

            Spiritual growth can be triggered by a variety of life stressors.  Besides being triggered by the loss of a loved one, it can be initiated by isolation, jail or prison, separation from home or family.  These stressors or losses can aid our journey towards the spirit world or higher power.

            Lately, the coins have become much less common, while other things emerge.  The other day I found a penny but the frequency has diminished.  My friend visited yesterday and while she was here, I gave her some clothes I thought she might like.  She went into the bathroom to try one on, liking it so much, she left it on, dropping her sweatshirt onto the sofa.  Later, when it was time to leave, her sweatshirt had vanished.  You might think she just misplaced it, but honestly we looked hard.  I do believe it will reappear and I’ll keep you posted on the latest developments.

            Today’s post, though, is more about his recent communications.  They’re commonly in the form of numerology.  Numerology is a way that spirits communicate with us through numbers.  It can be a key towards greater understanding of one’s purpose. Each letter has a numerical value and a way to reduce the numbers to find your true meaning.

Last night when my friend was ready to leave, her car was running with the keys locked inside.  We brainstormed about trying to get my husband home to help us get in the car or to call a locksmith.  When she looked at her phone to find a locksmith, it was 11:11.  We felt confident the spirit world was saving us both time by having us understand it was better to call a locksmith.

            A while back, when I was planning to meet a friend to gather some valuable information, I was processing on my own about the importance of the information.  When I looked at the clock, it was 4:44.   I understood the spirit world was telling me to pay close attention to the information, that it was important.

            Recently, I’ve seen a variety of number sequences, all of them at times when I am trying to make a decision, or pondering the importance of some information.  There are sequences of 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s, even 8’s after a group meeting when we talked about 8’s.  The spirit world is always there, beside us, available to guide us if we pay attention, ready to discern the information they are offering.