Reading a friend’s book, “Darkness at the End of the Tunnel”, by Sharam Rainfall or Yacov Shir Golian (same author), I experienced an insightful view of spiritual messages from God or Mother Nature, whatever is your perspective.  He says that God is communicating with us through the sounds of the raindrops and the silence of the snow fall.  The pitter patter of raindrops against your umbrella or your roof offer the peaceful words of God or Mother Nature to remind you that they are there with you all the time, offering you their love.  At the same time, the silence of the snow fall offers you peace and joy, something we all need and look for in our lives.

            These thoughts reminded me of my brilliant and insightful daughter’s words as an 8-year-old, telling me, “When the wind blows through the trees, the leaves are applauding for us!”  I might not be remembering it as a perfect quote, but God, or Mother Nature are applauding for all of us, for our hard work on this physical plain.

            I hope that all of you remember when you hear the rain fall that its sound is a reminder to you that it is there to help and support you, to share its love and all the world’s love with you.  And when the snow falls, let’s try to remember that the silence, the meditative vision, offers us it’s loving peace.

            When the bulbs begin to erupt from the earth and the buds begin to show their green or silver color, they are speaking the love of God or Mother Nature. She is reminding us that she is there for us, that He loves us and is supporting us all the time, reminding us through the blooming of the flowers, through the opening of the leaves, and through the offering of the bees to pollenate our flowers so they can become food.

            There are so many expansive, effusive, examples of the love of our Universe. The Universe offers us gifts in the form of the deep blue of the sky, unique shapes and travels of the clouds across the sky, and beautiful melody of the birds’ song.  Mother Nature gives us humor in the silly antics of the squirrels.

            There are many ways that animals bring us messages from spirit.  Our companion and service animals keep us safe from danger and diagnose our illnesses.  They help calm our anxieties and lift our spirits, make us laugh or get us thinking, tune us in or distract us from pain.  Their services are endless, yet we take them for granted, don’t we?  How many of you have experienced your pet coming to sit with you when you’re experiencing deep pain or sadness?  They know and they’re there for us.