You are awesome!  I have complete faith in you. If you had as much faith in yourself as I have in you, you could move mountains. You have everything you need to be the person you most choose to be.  You are perfect just the way you are and you can choose to adjust yourself as you prefer.  You are learning lessons every day to help guide you to become the best version of yourself.

You were born a perfect spark into a tiny angelic being, soft and gentle, loving and responsive, knowing what you needed, and asking for it the only way you knew how.  You grew into a curious toddler, exploring the world around you, tasting things, feeling objects, learning every minute of every day.  You played.  You explored.  You learned.  You had loving parents who encouraged you and supported your inquisitive nature.  Some of you chose parental challenges and are working karmically. Always have faith in yourself and your process.

Observe yourself.  Notice how far you’ve come and how many successes you’ve had.  Think of all the hard times you have made it through, how successful you have been.  You are X years old now and you have succeeded for this long to get through the challenges you have had to face.  You have this many years of evidence that you will make it through whatever you are currently facing.  You can do it, even if it may seem sometimes like you can’t.  Don’t lie to yourself.  Don’t accept criticism from yourself or others. Honor the light within you. You have been coping with things all these years and you will continue to cope as the evidence shows that you can.  You are strong and capable.  You are diligent and tenacious. You are caring and empathetic. You can do anything you set your mind to.  Believe it.  It’s true.