First Blog Post 10/7/16

I have been writing an essay about a very spiritual experience I have been having since the death of my beloved son just over a year ago.  His name is Shawheen and he died, when he had just turned 30, to drug overdose, a shockingly painful event.  While I work on this essay, my sadness is unleashed, sweeping me up in large waves of grief, which are unavoidable.

Since his death I sense him communicating to me in my head and have had interesting experiences, which I have written about in my essay: “Transformed by love…” which I have submitted for publication.  Yesterday I had very unusual experience.  I work as a therapist in private practice.  I was in my office and had entered in the morning to a newly cleaned carpet.  I went out to check the mail before my first client and when I returned there were two shiny dimes and a penny arranged in a line in the path as I entered the office with my client. I picked them up, thinking it was strange, and put them in my coat pocket, hanging on the door.  Later I had a client not show and went for a walk with my dog and found a quarter.  At the end of the day I found two nickels and a penny lying on the floor next to my coat.  Each coin was placed in the coat pocket.

I didn’t think another thing about it until I went for my walk this morning.  I sensed my son in my head saying he had left the dimes for me.  I felt in my pocket for the coins and pulled them all out to look at them. The dimes were gone.  The quarter was there, the pennies and the nickels but no dimes.  I asked him what had he done.  “I can make them appear and disappear!”  He was making a prank and laughing at me.  I told him I thought he should put the dimes back.  He said making them disappear made it even clearer that it was him because I knew I had put them in my pocket!!!