Have you ever thought about how you can tell the difference between your own thoughts, wishful thinking, and messages you are recieving from someone else, perhaps a spiritual message?

Today someone told me something I felt sure wasn’t real, something they believed God had said to them.

So how do I know it’s real if I think I sense my son communicating to me?  Of course the direct answer is: I don’t know for sure.  It’s about faith, just like anyone’s faith in God.  Over the last year plus of suffering and grief, I have asked my son for help in understanding this difference.

He started interrupting my thoughts.  I would be thinking a question to him like:  “Would you please help me with this?”.   Then right in the middle of the thought, after please, before I ever finished the thought or question, I sense his response: “I will help you, Mom”.  It has happened frequently.  I tried to test it myself.  I tried several times to interrupt my own thought.  Try it sometime yourself!!  I couldn’t do it.  Can you?

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