So I am going to start this post off by offering a little history so that the heart of the post will make sense.
I got a new laptop 1-2 years ago. It is a mac and has only one hole for all connections. So soon after getting it I bought an adaptor so I could connect other things besides the charger. This little adaptor is about 4 inches long and allows standard cables (like the one to the phone) to be plugged into the computer. I had to carry it to and from work and sometimes I would forget it.
So I started thinking I ought to buy a second adaptor so I would have one at work and one at home. In mid December I was packing for a trip to El Salvador. I had been thinking about buying the second adaptor but had not gotten around to it. Grief was with me and I regularly was communicating with my son, Shaw-heen, and when the grief was rough I would say, “show me a physical sign”.
So as I was packing I put the adaptor in my carry on bag. Then I went back to my briefcase and found an adaptor in it. I pulled it out shocked, thinking “did I really pack one?”. So with the adaptor in my fist I went back to my carry on bag and found a second adaptor there!!!
I went to show them to my husband, “Look!! Do you remember when we bought this? I had been thinking I needed another but I hadn’t bought it yet and look here!” He was surprised. Sure enough I had two adaptors in my hand. One was brand new and the other slightly dirtier. I thought, ‘thanks Shawheen!’ and i get this image of my son with a shit-eating grin on his face. He seemed so pleased with himself!