So recently, with the last coin appearance, I was processing in my mind that there was a clearly noticeable change in “serendipity” of coin appearance. When I was second guessing myself, in other words, when I was second guessing my belief that the coin appearances were spiritual they stopped. When I was thinking in my head that ‘finding coins is just coincidence, everyone finds coins sometimes’, I stopped finding them altogether!!! I went for maybe 3 months without finding any coins!!
Then I finally noticed that I wasn’t finding any coins and I thought to myself, ‘well when I started doubting the spiritual nature, they stopped, so maybe that was a message to me that they were not purely coincidence! Maybe they were spiritual connection!” Then they resumed again and I found the coins on my office floor.
Last week I had several instances in a row. I had a bad night of grief and I asked my son to show his presence with a coin. The next day I had a client cancel and had an hour to go for a walk. I found a shiny new dime on my walk.
The next day I also had a cancelation and I was grieving and I specifically asked at the start of the walk, ‘send me a coin, show me your physical presence’. I walked all the way to the mid-point of my walk, 25 minutes and saw nothing. ON the way back I began thinking ‘maybe that was too short of notice’. But about half-way back, I found another shiny dime.
The next day on my weekend run, I found a shiny new penny.
When I was finding coins originally they were always in a set of three. I realized with 20-20 hindsight that these coins were in a set of three also, over three days!!
Thanks Shaw-heen!! I appreciate knowing you are there with me!!