A week or so ago I was sitting at my computer thinking about writing.  I must have been experiencing some grief in the background because I decided I might like to polish a poem I wrote some time back and attempt to publish it.  I wrote this poem about a month before my son died last summer.  I had entered it into my computer a little after his death because I planned to have it read by a dear friend at the memorial.  I wanted to be able to print out a clearly readable document for her rather than have her try to read the hand written version.

So here I was at the computer and I was looking for that poem and I couldn’t find it!  I tried everything I could think of, desk top, folders, etc with no luck.  What did I call it?  I couldn’t remember.  Things related to grief are so fuzzy!  I tried using ‘finder’ and up pops a letter from my son!!!  I did not find the poem.  I found a letter from my son.  I would like to copy it here yet now it is gone and I can not find it!!!

The other day it was here.  It was a message from my son in an email, telling me “I love you, Mom!”  He expressed in the letter that life was very hard and he was struggling to manage it and he knew that I love him and am there for him.

It didn’t make sense for that to pop up while I was searching for the poem, at least not logically.   It also doesn’t make sense that I can’t find it now.  It was there then, when I apparently needed it.  The funny thing is that at the time I saved it to my desk top or to a file.  Yet I can not find it now.  I believe my son made that letter appear on my computer as a message to me.  At that time I was able to see it.

Blessings to you all.  I hope that when you need the messages, you are open to discern them!