This post is a follow up to a previous post.  I am remembering the day when I found coins which appeared on the floor at work.  Then the dimes and penny disappeared from my coat pocket later that day.  For weeks I have been thinking to my son: “Come on, give me those dimes back!!”  I was amazed that day how upset I was when they disappeared!

So a couple nights ago when I was home, getting ready for bed, I went to fold the chords I had worn that day and coins fell out of the pocket, rolling across the floor!  I was surprised because I don’t keep coins in my pockets.  I have a fairly new, pretty wallet and I like using it!  I searched the floor and what did I find?  Two shiny dimes and a penny, exactly the same that had disappeared some weeks back!  They could be different but they looked the same.  “Shaw-heen, are these from you?”  I thought this in my head.  I sensed a response: “Come on Mom, you don’t really need to ask, do you?”

So there they were, the coins I had asked for, back again!