June 25th 2021

I was awakened early this morning after a good night’s sleep with an urgent need to do something to help our ecology.  The weather report for my city predicts an 111-degree temperature for Sunday, a heat level we have never seen before, yet when it has been close to that hot before, it has been in August, not June. 

Global warming is nothing new and what I’m trying to do here has very nearly been done before.  I hope I have a new element to add, though I am humbly aware that I may not be adding anything new to what has been tried before to help our world.  What I am certain of, is that it can’t hurt to try again.  Even if this has been done before, it can’t hurt to try it again.

I am asking everyone, across the world to do 3 things, (3 being a miraculous number):

  1. Sit outside, look at the sky, at a cloud if there is one and project this meditative message: “Thank you mother nature (cloud) for all that you give us, for the rain, for the breeze, and for all the help you do to provide us with a safe place to live and for food to eat.  Please understand that if we had the power, we could change the laws to protect you.  Since we don’t, we are asking you to please cool the temperatures. (If there is a cloud): We are asking you to gather your friends together and RAIN!  We would be so grateful to you to help us cool things down and rain.  THANK YOU!
  2. Let’s try to do this together this weekend (June 26th and 27th, 2021) and again once every weekend.2.Sit outside and gaze at a source of water.  This could be a creek, lake, ocean or river.  It could be a bucket, bowl, glass of water.  Project this meditative message: “Thank you water for all you do to hydrate me, help my plants, and help the world have its water needs met. If I had the power, I would change the laws to help you be safe and clean.  Please, as you evaporate, gather with your friends, cool the world down, and rain.  We would be so grateful if you would kindly do this for the world.” THANK YOU! Let’s try to do this together this weekend (June 26th and 27th, 2021) and again once every weekend.
  3. Sign the attached letter and send it to three local and national government officials. Let’s do this together ASAP. THANK YOU!

June 25th 2021

Dear Government Official (replace with appropriate title/name):

I am writing to humbly request that you take advantage of your power and position to make legal changes to help the climate for all of the world.  You know about the horrific fire season many of us suffered through last summer.  You know that companies are gearing up to have bigger staffs to fight the impending season of potentially even worse fires than ever before.  You know global warming exists and is getting worse all the time. You know that a lawyer in Eugene, OR, USA has sued the government for allowing the ruin of our global ecology and has made headway due to the facts and evidence presented in court. Below I will share with you three global issues related to climate that are particularly concerning to me and to those who have signed this letter.  We are sharing this letter with government officials across the world.  Some of us may add local concerns.

You know that:

  1. We are losing glaciers and sea ice.
  2. We are experiencing longer heat waves.
  3. The seas are rising at an accelerated pace.

You have the power to make sufficient changes so that we, our children, and our grandchildren can survive.  Please make these changes now and over the next 3-5 years, before it is too late.


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