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            If you haven’t already read the previous post, please read it before this one.  Scroll down to the “Climate Call to Action” and then return to this post.

            After writing the previous post, I set about putting my words into action.  I believe in being the example, being the Guinea pig if you will.  I try things on myself first before I suggest them to others.

            Years ago, I first heard about the Japanese researcher: Masaru Emoto, admittedly a pseudo-scientist, who claimed that the human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of water.  I read his book, watched a movie about him, and decided to try it myself.  My second youngest son was starting kindergarten at the time, over ten years ago.  We walked to and from the school, often on cloudy rainy days. I didn’t care for walking in the rain, so I followed Masaru’s instructions, beginning my focus on the thinnest point in the clouds where the most light was coming through.  I would tell the clouds how grateful I was for their water production and ask them ‘go on by and let the sun back in the sky. I found that, with uncanny frequency, the clouds would part and let the sunlight shine through.

            Over the years of practicing this skill, it has become rare for me to walk in the rain despite daily walks indiscriminate of the weather.

            With the pandemic upon us and many in a borderline panic, I’ve found myself listening to many perspectives.  Most recently, my adult son shared that he believes our local reservoirs are shrinking.  I don’t know if this is true, but it got me thinking about how often I have asked the clouds to stop raining and I began to wonder if I could encourage them to rain.

            Then we had the recent heatwave here in the western United States.  Our city’s temperatures were slated to be 109, 113, and 97 degrees over a recent weekend and Monday.  We were projected to have a hot 88-94-degree week to follow that with clear blue skies. I wrote the blog below and I put it into action, hoping I was one of many.

            On Friday I meditated outside, gazing at the sky, projecting gratefulness to the sky for all it does for us, and asking the Universe to cool down our temperatures.  I focused on a cloud, watching it’s aura colors, and asked it to gather it’s friends to cool our world.  Later the projected temperatures were lower, but then they went back up.

            On Saturday morning, I meditated again, focusing on the sky, projecting similar gratitude, and asking for a similar result.  I did this again later in the morning.  The temperature that day reached 104, not 109.  I watched the prediction for Sunday drop from 113 to 111.

            On Sunday, both early and late mornings, I did a similar meditation. We drove away from the heat to the cooler beaches.  On the beach, I meditated again, this time seeing clouds.  I asked the clouds to gather their friends and bring them into our city to cool it down.

            When we returned to my city, the temperature never rose above 108.  With this apparent success, I focused on Monday, meditating on expressing my gratitude and projecting the same wish.  I did that meditation again early Monday morning on my way to work as well as during a mid-morning walk.  I then communicated the same message on my way home.  Monday’s temperature reached 93 by 1:00 pm, looking suspiciously like another scorcher.  I knew the temperature tended to rise until 5:00 pm.  But it didn’t rise.  It sat at 93 degrees all afternoon and then began dropping.

            I then noticed that our week’s projections were in the middle ’80s through Thursday with partly cloudy weather.  Throughout the week, I continued to request lower temperatures.  Each day, the temperatures didn’t rise as high as they were slated to rise.

            My conclusion is that this work will take repeated meditations to get the results.

            I ask you all to please consider this: if everyone on earth would do what I suggested in my Climate Call to Action, maybe we could change the weather patterns and save the Earth, even if the powerful businesses and governments did NOT do their part.  Join me in meditations to save the Earth.  The worst that could happen would be nothing.  The best would be the improvements in our own psyches from meditating and the improvements to the weather with lower temperatures and more rain!

            Please write and share your stories and ask for anything you would like me to write about.

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