Grief has returned with abundance, plaguing many of my waking moments with an aching, heaviness that can become irritability or sadness.  Which mood depends on my awareness.  Moving into irritability is a clear sign that grief work needs to be done.

One Friday recently, having done my grief work the evening before and finding myself still aching in the morning, I reached out to my deceased son, asking for a sign of his ever presence.  I have enjoyed finding coins that I believe he has left for me or pointed out to me.  That day, on my way out, I found a fairly new tennis ball.  These are also fun to find because my puppy destroys them quickly.  One tennis ball might be a coincidence-not that I believe in coincidences anymore.  But two?  On the way back from my walk that day, I found a second tennis ball.

I can’t say that finding things I believe are connected to him takes my grief away.  But they do offer a moment of joy, or awe.  They also intensify my feelings of connection to him and th the spiritual world. 

Watch for your own serendipitous events.  Pay attention to things that seem to defy the laws of probability or chance.  And- please share these here.  All of your stories could help others struggling to find and validate their connection with the spirit world.

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