I realized recently that I have been communicating with spirits for years. Recently, I reached out to the supreme being. I don’t remember exactly what I asked, something about whether they would talk with me. I was driving somewhere and Spirit answered:

You’ll want to wait and have this conversation where you can write it down.” I realized they were correct so I set it aside in my mind so I could make notes when we talked next. Later, I asked Creator: “How is it that you can be here for me, talking with me, and at the same time be there for everyone else?” I think I knew the answer, but I wanted to ‘hear’ it from them directly to share with you, my readers.

Supreme Being answered: “I can be all one or all of one together.” I didn’t understand that any better than you probably did, so I asked for clarification. “What does that mean?”

It means that I can be one with you or at one with everything and everyone. Imagine a cloud of energy hanging around you, including you. Every drop of water is Me and the whole cloud or whole mass of fog is Me. But each drop can communicate with anyone of you individually. Is that clear?

“I think so. You’re both expansive and solidly in one place?”

That’s right.” They confirmed.

“Thanks.” I expressed my gratitude.

You’re welcome,” Divine Light answered.

“You’re both a single drop and the whole ocean?” I clarified.

Yes. And the whole world and the whole universe,” Spirit added.

Prior to that, I had been feeling tingling in my scalp for several days. I recognized that as a sign that the spirit world was trying to get my attention.

The next day at Alsea Falls, I said, “It’s nice to have you as a friend.”

Creator answered, “It’s nice that you believe you can talk to me, that you believe you can hear me. You can talk to whomever you believe you can, whether it’s your son, your guides, your guardian angels, Arch Angel Michael, or Me. What matters is what you believe. And you’ll always find it easier to “hear” Me when you’re doing something loving or joyful.” This would explain why it was easier to hear Goddess at the ocean and at the waterfalls.

In a moment of grief, I asked God to help me let it go. They said, “I was helping you with EFT. That is a great way to get help and I am always available to help that way.”

“And other ways?” I asked.

In all kinds of ways,” Goddess confirmed. Now I have passed this divine information on to you to encourage you to talk with the Divine Light and know that you can open your heart to ‘hear’ them.

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