Exploring the world of manifestation is an exciting journey into the magical, expansive possibilities of the universe. 

How much can we manifest?  How fast can we manifest?  Are all the world’s problems repairable with manifestation?  I’ve written posts about manifesting positive weather changes, sending away the smoke from forest fires, attracting rain, and stopping rain.

            I remember sitting in my front yard noticing that my Honey Crisp apple tree was curling a little to the south, reaching for the sun, avoiding the shade of my neighbor’s Sweet Gum tree.  The Sweet Gum tree was likely planted in 1945, making this tree 77 years old.  It was massive, impressive, and stunning.  It created gorgeous fall color.  It provided shade, CO2, and all the wonders a huge tree can provide.  But I wished my neighbor would prune our side of the tree so that my apple tree wouldn’t mutate just to reach the sun.

            A couple of weeks ago, that tree dropped two huge branches by the apple tree.  They cracked, broke, and landed in her yard.  No damage was caused and nobody got hurt. I don’t know what caused this. Maybe the tree was responding to my pruning wish.  This didn’t occur to me at the time. My neighbor decided this tree was too much liability and sadly, she decided to cut it down.  Now it’s gone and I’m disappointed by the loss of that magnificent tree.

            I’m part of a psychic group and one of our members has a great connection with trees and the earth.  Listening to him, I realized that I might be able to communicate with this tree because every living being has a spirit and I have been able to communicate with spirits.  In a very relaxed moment of meditation, it suddenly dawned on me that I might have manifested this occurrence.

I reached out to the spirit of the tree, which despite the fact that the tree had been cut down, the roots ground up along with all the branches, still existed.  The spirit told me that the tree had chosen to drop its branches to get my attention, to help me understand the possibility of manifestation.  The spirit reminded me that it was my neighbor’s choice to cut the tree down and that I was not at fault for that.  I felt responsible that the tree’s death was the result of my wishes.

            I share this with you, my readers, to help you realize the vast potential that manifesting can bring.  I remind you, as the tree spirit reminded me, not to take too much responsibility. This helps me grasp the expansive possibilities of manifestation.  I hope it helps you as well.

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