Sometimes grief camps out for a while

It certainly wasn’t invited

And it’s not hovering constantly

Yet seems to be hiding around every corner

Just waiting to pounce.

It might slink away for a morning

Perhaps it will vanish for an afternoon

But just when you think:

Aaaah, I feel better!

It’s back

Arching it’s spine so you know

It means business.

You can exercise

You will meditate

You’ll work in the garden

Spend time with friends

And family.

But it’s always hovering in the background

Pacing across and back

Blocking any chance of escape

It won’t let you leave

It won’t give you any peace

It has you trapped.

When a child dies

And another is seriously ill

And there’s very little help

Grief attacks,

Digs its claws in deep

Escape will leave gaping wounds

But escape you must.

Through more exercise

More meditation

Adding EFT

Making time to be creative

And socializing

And sharing your abundance

With others-

Joy beats grief

Into submission.