There are psychic gifts that I really enjoy, those of which I’d welcome more, and others that I sometimes hate.  There are gifts I’ve had since I was a tiny person and others that have blossomed since the death of my son in 2015.  I’ve always been clairsentient and clairempathic.  Clairsentience means I feel the feelings of others, sometimes physical sensations in my body, and other times emotional feelings come over me.  It also means that I can ‘know’ things through my feelings. Clairempathy means I have the ability to feel emotional energy.  The two are very similar.  That doesn’t mean I feel these things all the time, thank God. I have learned to control it so I’m not under a deluge of feelings all the time.

With my daughter, I have found it challenging to protect myself from her feelings.  When she broke her arm a few years ago, my elbow hurt.  It ached pretty strongly right where she broke her arm.  Then when she had surgery to put it in line, they went in through her wrist and at her elbow.  Then my wrist and elbow hurt.  I had never experienced feeling physical sensations before, only emotions.  Emotions are what I feel most commonly.  So, when she feels depressed, I feel depressed.  It’s harder to cut off the clairsentience when I am closer to her physically, like when we’re both home.  When I go to work, or out hiking, or really anywhere with more physical distance, I can cut it off easier.  But back home, her feelings seem to seep into my body and take up residence.  All the skills I learned to protect myself from others’ emotions don’t seem to work.  Maybe writing about it will help me.  I also hope it will help some of you who may recognize this gift in yourselves.

Sometimes, feeling other people’s emotions can be helpful.  When I go to work as a psychotherapist feeling other people’s feelings can help me ask the right questions. This helps them explore the emotions they’re dealing with.  In that capacity, I appreciate the gift.  When a client leaves, I can easily cut off the connection to them and let it go.  Wouldn’t it be nice if I could do that as easily at home with my daughter?

There are other gifts I really enjoy.  I have learned to see auras and really enjoy the connection I feel with the trees.  Is that clairvoyance or clairsentience? When I smell things psychically, clairsalience or clairsentency, I sometimes recognize the message and sometimes I don’t.  When I know, it can be a pleasure even when the smell is unpleasant.  My deceased son sometimes gives me the smell of cigarette smoke.  I hate the smell, but I know it’s him which is nice.  Once he made me smell bike tires; that was better than cigarette smoke.  Clairaudience is cool because it enables me to ‘hear’ my spirit guides talk, or really almost any spirit that I reach out to.  Once in a while, I have experienced clairvoyance, seeing objects from a great distance without my eyes.  I like that one but don’t experience it very often.

The gift I experience the most is also the one I struggle with the most.  The clairsentience with my daughter is my biggest challenge.  When I started writing, I felt it strongly, yet now, it is nearly gone.  Maybe writing about it helped.  Maybe I made it clear to the spirit world that I needed a break from this feeling and now I’ve got it.  Thank you all for reading!

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