Manifestations and Jumping Timelines

Guest blogger: Gabriel Denison Chandler

We are all familiar with the concept and practice of manifestation: the ability to cast your mind into a reality you prefer, bringing it into your physical world.  But my perception is that although we exercise our ability to manifest, we still think in one dimensional terms.  Our beliefs revolve around a fixed destiny.

     But what if one line of Destiny were not a fixed destination, but a set of options?  There are clues in higher mathematics that this is indeed possible.  The mathematics of String Theory says there are at least 11 dimensions (or strings, timelines) which vibrate and propagate through time/space, interacting with each other.  

    If we have these options available to us, if they vibrate and communicate, this could mean that under certain conditions we can choose or change the timelines we are in, or wish to follow.  This applies not just to singular events, but progressions of events.  Each timeline might offer difficulties or triumphs, different soulmates or soul helpers.  The web of possibilities our soul could grow into is limitless when viewed from this perspective.

     It is quite possible that tragedy, which lowers our vibration, could fling us into an alternate timeline, while positive work (vision boards, prayer, yoga, affirmations, magical practice) can raise our vibration and reposition us on more desirable paths.  

     Within String Theory is the concept of Super Symmetry: Super Symmetry states that every known string has a Partner String, called a Super Partner.  This is much like the current interest in Twin Flame theory.  Twin Flames are our Partner Strings, vibrating and interacting to bring synchronicity to our soul’s ultimate growth experience.

    Quantum Theory – which differs in some areas from String Theory – states that when electrons are in a low energy state, energy can be added, resulting in the electron snapping into an ENTIRELY NEW STATE.  If we view ourselves as this electron, we have the ability to snap ourselves into optional timelines, new states of being, and experiences.  Of course, it may take a little practice, but the equations that prove it possible do exist.

     The first thing to do is add energy, to raise our vibration by improving our daily practice through meditation and positivity for those around us.  One positive, generous person can raise the energy of multitudes and change timelines, as we can see with Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha and other world/spiritual leaders throughout history.  What we don’t hear about are the unsung heroes, the street saints, that help and love every day to create little pockets of happiness and change. Those individuals jump timelines themselves but add energy to those around them.

     Since there is math to back us up, remember you have the power to change things in the material world for the better.  Let’s get started now.