Spiritual Gifts

            This page is a walk through beautiful gifts from the spirit.

            Imagine the sun, setting across the ocean, creating a sparkling path across the water all the way to the edge of the beach, lapping at the shore by your bare feet.

            Imagine your favorite animal snuggling against you, licking your hand.

            Imagine a warm, sunny, day, the perfect temperature, as you’re walking past a garden with your favorite flower blossoming in the yard.

            Imagine an aha moment, perhaps you’re watching a butterfly circle around you, perhaps the first one you’ve seen all season.

            Imagine finding a penny, nickel, or dime on the sidewalk, right in your path!  Or perhaps you find a beautiful feather.

            Imagine seeing the lights go on or off without you touching the light switch.  No need for fear, realize that the spirit world is getting your attention for some reason.

            Your dog or cat makes a sound that sounds like mama or some other unusual sound that is relevant to you.

            A friend you haven’t heard from in a long, time calls, or shows up on your door step.

            You sense a deceased loved one talking to you, sending you a feeling, or sending you a miraculous experience in nature.

            Imagine sitting in the shade on a warm day, drinking a cool glass of tea.

            Imagine watching a baby learn to smile, laugh, sit, stand, walk, or say it’s first word.

            Imagine walking through the paths of a beautiful garden, layered with ground covers, taller flowers, and flowering or fruiting trees.

            Imagine eating a luscious apple, fig, or cherry picked fresh off a tree.

            Imagine the infinite perfection of a rose blooming, its fragrance and blossom.

            Imagine the trees applauding you or singing for you as the wind blows through the leaves.

            Imagine warm sand between your toes.

            Imagine dipping your toes into a pond with a small waterfall flowing into it.

            Imagine you boundless capacity to heal others through love.

            Imagine walking along the edge of a beautiful creek or river, surrounded by lush forest, interspersed with water cascading down the rocks.

            Imagine the hope that springs eternal in your soul is a gift of the spirit.

            Imagine the miracle of a tide pool, complete with star fish and sea anemones.

            Imagine a feeling of peace in your heart, in your chest, the ease of just being.

            Imagine how you feel after a nice walk, laughing with a friend, having meditated, or eaten a lovely meal.

            Imagine the security of your own bed, made up fresh.

            Imagine a baby grabbing your finger.

            Imagine your love for a precious baby: animal or human.

            Imagine the feeling of joy you experience doing a beloved activity.

            Imagine your power to change your world!