Miracle Manifest: Disappearing and Reappearing Items

            How many of you have ever experienced something that felt too unusual to be ‘just a coincidence’?  How many of you find coins in strange places, or more commonly than seems normal?  How many of you feel like a deceased loved one is connecting with you from the spirit world?  Please share your experiences right here and if it’s okay with you, I’ll post them to the blog!

Not long ago I wrote a blog about the interesting ways spirits play!  In the three years since my deepest loss, the number of items which have either appeared out of thin air, or disappeared and then reappeared later in a strange place, have been increasing.  The frequency with which I find coins has become so often that it defies chance and it continues to happen.

I wrote before about the dollar I found hanging in a tree, the twenty I found scrunched up on the side walk, and the five dollar-bill I found in a pocket where I never put money.  It seemed only natural to me to say to my son, in my head, ‘hey, all we need now is a ten!’  I was at least half-kidding, but really, I mean, why not?  So, when two five dollar-bills turned up in a strange place, I thought, ‘cute, Shawheen, that’s ten dollars alright, but that’s not a ten!’

I find pennies a lot, often I’ll find them three to five days in a row.  I consistently find an increase when I’ve had an intense period of grief.  Last Thursday was one of those days.  Grief hit me in the morning before work.  Usually it hits hard at night which is much more private, but this time it was in the morning.  So, I get in my parking place, wipe my eyes, check for redness in the rearview mirror, and when I look okay, I get out of the car.  Within ten feet of my car I find a penny.  Five feet from there, I find another penny.  “Thanks, Shawheen, now if I find a third that will really be something special!”  I thought to him and myself.  Later that day, a client of mine wanted to walk by the hospital to address some trauma and within a block or two from my office, I found a one dollar-bill.  Later the same day, I found the third penny.  Look at it visually, 1111.  Monetarily 1.03.  Anyway, you look at it, it’s a hell-of-a coincidence.  Serendipity, more like it, gifts from the spirit world.  They let us know we’re on the right track.  I find a lot of them near my office!!  I work as a psychotherapist, so I guess I’m doing the right work for me. 🙂

I share these experiences in the hopes that they will help you see the serendipitous events that occur in your life, an unusual experience with wildlife, an unusual sequence of events, or unexpected ‘coincidences’.  I hope that by reading about my serendipitous experiences, your heart and mind will be opened to amazing, awe inspiring experiences you have in your own life!

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